Boa – Official Eat You Up Extended MV

Posted in Uncategorized by Jae on November 17, 2008

I’m sure most people have already heard this song. Can’t stress enough how sick the dance moves are in this:

She is far too talented to be singing these crap lyrics. Wtf are her lyricists smoking: “So yum yum”. Dude. No. SM should not be saving money on her promotion in the American market which by the way has never been broken by an Asian. E.g. Fellow sunbaes like Bi and Se7en <– who was supposed to debut 07/07/07. Se7en Just come back to Korea before you totally lose yourself to the American dream, c’mon Bi already has.

Bi arguably one of the largest stars in Asia (surpassed only by DBSK’s popularity) was unable to transcend the language barrier despite lots of “training”. His highlight in America was the unexpected dance off on the Colbert Show NOT the concerts he did not perform. (For those of you who missed this, Colbert and Bi/Rain had been vying for the top spot on TIME’s 100 Most Influential People – the internet poll. Colbert made a parody of Bi’s song on his show and Bi came on the show for a dance off). Despite the fact that I sound like a hater, I love Bi. lol

Se7en, I’m sorry YG has totally deserted you for the Big Bang boys. The top earners for YG also managed to snag 2 out of 3 daesangs at the MKMFs much to my dismay as I was rooting for DBSK.


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