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Posted in DBSK, DBSK Photos by Jae on November 25, 2008

Our Visual Shock for the day. *faints*

KYO KYO~~~ <3

KYO KYO~~~ ❤

Can I please find this scarf somewhere… such a purrrty colour.

If you haven’t already figured it out…this shoot is GOLD. I.e. Right-click, Save image as… Wash Rinse Repeat.

They got rid of that terrible tan from their calendar photos, put on some clothes and wow. Once again, Jaejoong and Yoochun look best. IMO, Yunho and Junsu have to turn their “charisma” way down, this shoot is supposed to be cute.

OH EM GEE... dies of cuteness overload @__@

OH EM GEE... dies of cuteness overload @__@

Love love love Jaejoong’s leather jacket. I’d like one too.. *wink**wink*Mackage Jerry Leather Bomber Black XS currently on hold in the Fairview Aritzia location. I think this is one of their best group shots ever. Yunnie looks sooo cute! >__<   And Changmin, looks like he’s 12. God, I feel so dirty.

I don’t usually like Micky’s individual photos but for some reason they’ve been turning out great recently.




Yoochunnie... love your scarf

Credits: as tagged + 2uAngels



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  1. Amy said, on November 25, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    What is Yunho’s hand doing in that second pic? Hrmmmm…

    Poor Junsu… his ‘sexy’ look + nude lips makes him look sick =\

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