[Eng Sub] DBSK – Change the World 081123

Posted in DBSK, Eng Subbed by Jae on November 27, 2008

Edit: All 7 parts up!

OMFG They’re on so many shows. I can’t keep up. This is with Yunho and Changmin.

A must watch for Minnie fans, he’s really animated in this. (I’d watch the just the first part since Changmin is so funny in it).  Yunho doesn’t seem too happy on the show, maybe him and Jae got into a fight? Will update parts as they are uploaded.

Credits: jaynerox91

Not sure how many parts there are…

Part 1/7

As it turns out ahjummas can be fangirls too. LMAO Holy Water! Notice Kim Shin Young get Yunho’s water. I remember her being the biggest Yunho fangirl from Come To Play!

Part 2/7

Part 3/7

Part 4/7

Part 5/7

Part 6/7

Part 7/7

Part 7 is why I love Yunho. ♥___♥



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  1. c said, on November 28, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    i would drink that water too

    … or bathe in it.

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