December 2008 Picks

Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on December 31, 2008

Friends of me will tell you that of the current fashion houses, Gucci is not a favourite of mine. For some reason, I find their designs rather dated and at times tacky. However, the new Hysteria collection has caught my eye. Namely, this embroidered version. Graphics on bags reminds of the elusive Prada Faery bag which I still pine over in my dreams. I think I’m at extreme ends of the bag spectrum. It’s either gotta be a graphic masterpiece or something plain made from soft buttery leather. For those interested, the bag has an estimated price of $2550.00 USD.

God, I’m already starting to foam at the mouth. Gwen Stefani is probably one of the only artists with a decent line of clothing and accessories. Granted hers is pretty pricey at about $500 a pop for a clutch or a pair of shoes. I love this pair of boots, actually I like all of her shoes. It’s got a military feel to it and makes me think of what Trinity would’ve worn if the Matrix went couture. This pair is now on sale at Revolve or was it ShopBop, but alas, I HAVE NO MORE MONEY. ;___;

I love my cardigans. I can’t get enough of these; I think they’re pretty much indispensable. You can probably get these anywhere, so I really wouldn’t buy cough up an obscene amount of money for a designer cardigan unless it was cashmere. Like 100% cashmere. Since a black cashmere cardigan isn’t going to go out of style any time soon.

I’ve developed a weird fascination with shorts and tights with booties this year. I’m certain someone out there is protesting their minds out but I like this look a lot. I think it’s a refreshing take on the whole skirt with tight phase. You can probably get the shorts anywhere but I really like the ones made from tweed.

I love costume jewellery especially Chanel’s, so it’s no surprise that I chose a brooch made from pearls and encrusted with other sparkly things. This baby is made by a British brand: Butler and Wilson. It retails for $45 GBP.

But my favourite item of the bunch is the headband. I love headbands and this one is cute beyond belief. But why is it so expensive?! I guess I should be happy that it’s not charging us the same amount as Angel Lust whom styles Blair Waldorf’s headbands. Either way this one is cute and if you have money to splurge on a headband. This one is a winner. Although you should also look into the marc by Marc Jacobs red lettering headband even though it can only fit the heads of babies.

Shopping List:

Gucci Hysteria Embroidered Bag: $2550.00 USD

Warehouse Grey Scalloped Pocket Cardi: $35 GBP at Warehouse UK

L.A.M.B. Bellgrave Boots: $729 USD at Zappos

Brooch: $45 GBP at Butler & Wilson

Jennifer Ouellette Headband: $75 USD at Barneys

Credit: Gucci, Avelle, Barneys, Butler and Wilson, Warehouse and Zappos

P.S. I’m on a roll today. It’s my fifth post. -____-


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  1. Cheryl said, on December 31, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    with regards to your shopping list

    i’m sure you don’t need a good friend to tell you to keep dreaming

    someday, i will get you one of these things to show my love for you.. someday and it may just be a replica man, sorry, if you are a true friend you will understand why

  2. car lease guide said, on June 6, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    That’s an expensive shopping list haha

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