[Eng Sub] WonderBang MBC KPOP Performance

Posted in Big Bang, Big Bang Performances, KPOP by Jae on December 31, 2008

Edit: Now with subs

When I first heard of the term WonderBang, I thought it sounded pretty ridiculous and only today did I realize that this was the best option since the alternative would’ve been Big Girls.

Credit: Babybongholic

1. Irony – Sunye & Taeyang

  • Wow Sunye was really hot tonight and their dance sequence was the best out of the five.

2.Lie – Yoobin & SeungRi

  • This was a surprise, since Yoobin was paired with TOP last time (Powerrapper duo)
  • I like how the fans screamed when Yoobin grazed Seung Ri’s face

3. Tell Me – Sohee & GD

  • I think it’s sooo freakin’ cute to pair these two together, but Sohee still can’t sing. Sorry. I like how GD manages to retain his own manhood by rapping instead of singing. XD

4. Haru Haru – Ye Eun & Daesung

  • Maybe I’m being too hard on Sohee because Ye Eun came right after and can sing well
  • Vocally the best performance because Ye Eun’s voice really matched Daesung’s well

5. Nobody – Sunmi and TOP

  • Wow this was the most aesthetically pleasing couple for sure
  • TOP looked so badass with Sun Mi on his lap.
  • I’m kind of glad he didn’t embarass himself with the Nobody dance; at the same time I’m also pretty sure he didn’t do it because he couldn’t. Not dissing him, but Big Bang fans know that TOP finds dancing really difficult.

Hope to see WonderBang again next year!



2 Responses

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  1. Cheryl said, on December 31, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    well now
    today i’ve done my homework
    sunmi is actually 16
    let’s not allude to the fact that T.O.P. may be a pedophile, okay?

    *cough.. cough cough*

  2. Nelson said, on January 2, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    That was something that I actually watched, bravo.

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