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Posted in Haru Haru by Jae on January 2, 2009


My interpretation of ‘Starry starry night’

Medium: Chalk Pastel

I thought it would be fitting to start this post off with a little bit of art. The picture is a little blurry because I took it on my iPhone and it’s a rather old photo and the reason it’s up is because I was too lazy to take and upload pics of my newer stuff. Today was supposed to be an uneventful day but it turned out to be more eventful than New Years.

I planned to drop by NoFrills this afternoon to pick up some necessities before my trek back to terror Waterloo when I passed by my old art teacher’s studio. Now, I am not exaggerating when I say this old man was brilliant and taught me all I knew about my favourite medium: pencil crayon. He was a pretty well-known in Toronto and Hong Kong and he charged an obscene amount of money for his lessons. He was well-rounded in art and could paint, sculpt and draw the best I’ve ever seen. For this reason, his studio was always full.

But today when I passed by I couldn’t spot the studio so I asked about it to my mom in the car. As it turns out, my teacher did “stuff” to one of his students and he ended up pleading guilty and it was all over the Chinese news. I still don’t believe it because my mom’s memory isn’t that reliable but at the same time, she seemed pretty adamant about it. Sadly, I don’t remember the name of the studio and I didn’t know the name of my teacher. You know how Asians are, you never really refer to people you know by their real names. It’s always ‘teacher’, ‘mister’ etc. etc. So I can’t really check, I tried to search up “art teacher accused” on Google but you get all sorts of disturbing articles, none of which I wanted to peruse.

Following this we went to NoFrills which incidentally had a robbery. I’m sure most of you know that Asians are very nosy so there was a huge crowd around the thief as he struggled physically against the employees and managers at NoFrills. I don’t think that the man was even that much older than me. (Although with Asians you can never tell; beige don’t age.) This was all fun and games until one of the employees told the ahjummas and si lai around that the young man tried to steal baby formula.

For those of you who don’t know, baby formula is actually very expensive, it’s maybe $20 bucks a bottle sometimes even more depending on the brand. When I used to work at Food Basics, we locked up all the baby formula because there was a lot of theft. Some of my co-workers told me that a lot of them have seen mothers stealing baby formula with their carriages and have turned the other way, because if they hadn’t, that baby might not have been fed that night. It’s a sad reality that we live in, when the economy is so bad that people can’t afford to feed their children and have to resort to stealing. Despite the fact that the police came to cuff him, I didn’t really think this was a victory on their part. I mean, yea, you caught a thief but his baby is going to be hungry tonight. Honestly, it just makes you think that there must be a better way.

With this on my mind, I headed home only to discover that me and my mom had a flat tire. And it started to snow. It is at this moment that I would like to thank our creator and all things holy that we have CAA. It was a giant struggle but I won’t bore you with the details.

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