[Eng Sub] DBSK – Dreams Come True 090104

Posted in DBSK, DBSK Videos, Eng Subbed, KPOP by Jae on January 5, 2009

Part 1 of 2:

Credits: jaynerox91

Part 2 of 2:

Credits: jaynerox91

Will be back to comment after I watch! =D


Yea, this wasn’t that great. But I’ll leave you all with some of the highlights of the video.

Part 1:

The girls looked pretty crazy after they found out that DBSK were going to their school. At first I thought they looked ridiculous but then I thought I’d probably have similar reactions. My favourite part during their spazz in the auditorium was when one of the girls hit the other girl’s eye by accident at 5:47. I feel like a jerk but it is so funny, maybe  it’s because two of the girls instinctively hug each other and leave the third one out. I love how the girl is so absorbed by DBSK that she quickly recovers. XD

Part 2

Maybe it’s because of the tight schedule the show mentioned at the beginning but the members looked pretty disinterested and I had hoped for more fun and cute interactions between the boys and the girls. Yunho’s “working side” made me think that he must be a slavedriver behind the scenes. XD

I couldn’t believe Yunho asked them to just dance on the spot, I would be so intimidated and embarrassed. I would never want to be sized up like that especially in front of the boys    >___<

Anyway, after seeing the girls dance, I thought Wow you guys are totally ambitious since Purple Line has such fast choreography. Apparently, DBSK thought so too because JaeSuChun cross their arms and then Micky just turns and walks away. They all look at Yunho as if to say Dude, you got your work cut out for you.

Yunho’s look at (0:58) PRICELESS.

I wish the ending perf integrated the girls more into the routine. But then again, they only had 3 hours so I thought the girls did really well for only practicing for that long.

That was hilarious at the end at 8:57. …..left behind…….



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