SM Artists Banned from KBS Music Bank

Posted in DBSK, KPOP by Jae on January 16, 2009

Every so often, I hear WTF news from Korea. This is no exception.


SM Where’s ______? Can you spot your favourite?

BoA, DBSK, etc will not be appearing on KBS Music Bank indefinitely after SM Entertainment were served with a notice from KBS this month. This apparently was because of DBSK no-show at KBS Gayo Daechuk last year.

DBSK was in Japan for the final 2 days of 2008 as they had to attend the TBS Japan Record Awards and the 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen 2008 respectively and thus couldn’t attend KBS and MBC gayo festivals. But in the process, there was a breakdown in communications between SM Entertainment and KBS resulting in Shinee, Super Junior, etc missing KBS Gayo Daechuk as well.

Competition was fierce to get singers to appear at the year-end gayo festivals for the 3 respective major broadcasters, SBS, KBS and MBC. KBS was probably incensed to see BoA and DBSK appearing at Festival S (SBS gayo festival) but not appearing at theirs. As a form of punishment, KBS has thus decided to prohibit SM artistes from appearing on Music Bank indefinitely.

The worst hit SM artistes at the moment must be So Nyeo Shi Dae who made their comeback recently with their Gee mini-album. They were originally scheduled to make a grand comeback on Music Bank on 9th January. But it was shelved at the very last moment on 8th January and the girls had to make their comeback a day later instead on Music Core. The girls are already handicapped by SM Entertainment problems with Mnet resulting in the no-shows on M! Countdown, leaving them with only Music Core and Inkigayo.

The ban was initially dismissed by SM Entertainment who said that the girls wanted more time to prepare and so their Music Bank comeback was delayed to 16th January. But it was strange that they would say that since it was only a day later before they would appear on Music Core. But fans didn’t make too much fuss about it since Shinee was on the 9th January episode of Music Bank. But after seeing Shinee and So Nyeo Shi Dae missing from the 16th January Music Bank lineup, the ban looks like it’s being enforced by KBS.

In an interview with a Music Bank PD, “Currently, SM Entertainment artistes are only barred from appearing on KBS Music Bank. It will not affect their appearances on other shows on the KBS network. The ban is indefinite.”

There was also talks that Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae was actually considered by KBS to take over from the outgoing Seo In Young as the MC of Music Bank. But the ban effectively puts an end to that and announcer Park Eun Young will take over Seo In Young instead from today’s episode onwards.

Source: coolsmurf

As Blair would say: I guess we never leave highschool. This is a classic example of “hey you’re their friend, so I guess we can’t be friends.” I can’t believe they’ve dealt out punishment. While they’re at it why don’t they put nasty graffiti on SM’s lockers too?

For starters, the networks are selfish as it is to refuse to do a combined festival at the end of the year, forcing some stars like Big Bang and Wonder Girls to prepare and perform three different performances for three consecutive days – in hopes that they will stay on the networks’ “good sides”. This is clearly becoming a problem – how could we forget Hyori’s collapse just prior to her scheduled year-end performances?

Second of all, DBSK is not just a Korea-based group. They can’t sacrifice all they’ve achieved in Japan just so they won’t offend some big shot of a TV network. And no they probably didn’t think this would be a problem because they thought they were working with adults. Understandable. But sadly misinformed.

SM needs to get on this shit asap. They’ve had a slew of bad publicity regarding the way they’ve been treating DBSK affairs. First there were copyright issues with using JT’s Magic at the SBS Gayo Daejun. Then there was SBS’s dispute with DBSK’s agency over the schedule of performances for the SBS Gayo Daejun. Now, this shannigan. Even though we all know the networks are a big bunch of babies, you need to get this shit together because ultimately you’re losing out by not being able to promote your artists on their shows.

Some of you may recall that a similar ban happened earlier last year when a timeslot war for Kangin raged between MBC and SBS. When SM insisted that Kangin stay on SBS’s Exploration of the Human Body with the rest of SuJu, MBC threw a hissy fit and fired Kangin from all MBC shows AND banned Super Junior from all MBC shows. I believe this ban was lifted with the return of DBSK because let’s be honest, feud or no feud, DBSK’s comeback would’ve raked up enough ratings to call it even.

Yet another Korean TV network tantrum. I will never see these 15 minutes again… Ugh.


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