[Eng] Tablo Freestyles Drunk

Posted in KPOP by Jae on February 6, 2009

Intelligence is so sexy.

Credit: mapthesoul

Tablo : Yo, let me dumb it down for this diaper-wearing fake generation. I’m like Kanye on an award show. I got a hyperventil-‘late registration’ Pass out, get drunk and assed out. I’m like a handful of flyers I’m quick to pass out

MYK : You pass out but before you pass out,let’s get our raps out Cos we’re all stars that’s why they call us smash-mouth. Yo, when I’m rippin’ these cats, I’m takin’ the trash out, like I was the garbageman. Their flows can’t harm me, they’re just garbage man

Tablo : Garbage what? What rhymes with garbage? Garbage… It’s like… Carnage. I’m killin’ the mic and I’m poppin’ ear blockage. I’ve been doing this since college. I got an ass for brains so even when I take a shit, I’m droppin’ knowledge.

MYK : And I’m ready to demolish Everybody that wants to step to me They’re not as fresh as me. These freestyles to me is so easy, it’s like takin’ breathes to me.

Tablo : Takin’ breathes to me, it’s like destiny. Death of hiphop will be the death of me. That’s right, when I’m on the mic, I like to rhyme tight and I’m always in the motherfucking spotlight.

MYK : Spotlight, or better yet, the limelight. That’s where we rhyme tight, and we shine bright. Yo, I’m spittin’ with insight, grippin’ my mic tight Grippin’ it so tight, I’m ready to take flight.

Tablo : Take flight! Take flight like a bird. I’m all up inside your head like a motherfuckin’ bird, and I drop a turd, flyest shit that you’ve ever heard.

MYK : And whether or not it’s absurd, yo my mind is fast like a blur. I wet the piss and you drink, and with my dick I give it a stir. Smoke these words like herbs for sure, yes sir

Tablo : Yes sir or yezzir, like I’m star-trekking, all these motherfuckin’ MC’s better go home, better start packin’ I’m presidential when I flow, yo it ain’t hard to tell, I ‘BA-ROCK’ the show, ‘O BA MA’self.

Credit: allkpop

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2 Responses

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  1. Cheryl said, on February 7, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    TABLO!!!! – since my discovery of kpop, always loved him.

  2. theselooselips said, on February 7, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you for this.

    Sososososo much! Haha.

    God, if tablo wasn’t so much older, or shorter, I would totally marry him XD

    Genius is always inspiring.

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