[Eng Sub] Ep. 34 – Big Bang T.O.P. on Family Outing 090208

Posted in Big Bang, Big Bang Eng Subbed, Big Bang Videos, Family Outing by Jae on February 20, 2009

Edit: ALL parts up!

YAY it’s finally out!!! No more trying to decipher 2 minute long clips 16 different times to get the joke because you’re not Korean.

Will update as the parts are uploaded!

Thanks to BigBangxVIP for subbing. ^^

Part 1a:

Part 1b:

Part 1c:

Part 1d:

Part 1e:

Part 1f:

Part 1g:

Part 1h:

Part 1i:



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  1. A said, on February 19, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    my blog on Rain will be better than yours…just watch

  2. […] You can find part 1 here. […]

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