TaeYang – Where U At MV

Posted in Big Bang, Big Bang Videos by Jae on October 15, 2009

OH I’ve missed you Taeyang and your smooth vocals.

I love GD, but no one can do it vocally like Taeyang.

It’s really a shame since he won’t be promoting this song but fear not fangirls he is just preparing for his comeback with another single: Wedding Dress.

Check out the video below, his dancing = sick.

Credit: OnlyYBmania

I suspect the video will be removed soon. YG is usually on top of this ish.

I love how Teddy makes a random cameo. So weird seeing him out of his usual hoodie + cap.

P.S. Can we PLEASE stop spelling song titles lyk dis. YOU’re not being economical just by saving two letters.

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