2PM – NichKhun on MNET Scandal 090520

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HOLY CRAP. I KNOW. It’s been months since I’ve posted.

But I really think this deserved a post.

Nichkhun is the cutest thing ever. I think he has given Jaebeom a run for his money.

Actually, I think Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Taec are all number one now… decisions. Also Junsu… is climbing FAST.

P.S. Nichkhun isn’t the only cutie she’s dated… #*$&@^%*&^*&%^only the other cutest guy in biz@#$%^

Episode #1

Part 1:

Ep 1 & 2 after the jump…

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[Scans] 2PM – Jaebeom (half-NAKED) in Nylon

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It’s been TOOOOOOO LONG since I’ve had to bust out the <Heading 1> tags and coloured fonts!

Jaebeom is REDEFINING Nylon like he did once before on an episode of Idol Show, HOTTEST (2PM fans) will definitely know what I’m talking about.

Nylon Jaebeom 05Holy moly. The willpower of that girl model to look elsewhere is astounding. O___O

Nylon Jaebeom 02I think I may be alone on this boat.. but I think the back is just as appealing as the chest… for men anyway.

Ladies, I too, hope the tattoo is henna. But it looks pretty real. I don’t like tats on guys’ arms (BACK ONLY) even if they’re guns like Jaebeom’s. =(

Nylon Jaebeom 03I love Jaebeom’s hair although I’m not a huge fan of the motif(?) on it right now. I am a strong believer in only 3 haircuts for men: mohawk, crewcut or Jaejoongified. Exemptions will be dealt to those named G-Dragon only.

Nylon Jaebeom 04No Nylon photoshoot would be without one edgy fashion photo. ^^ I like it but I don’t like how the only skin here are snippets of his super skinny knees… Just about the only un-sex part of Jaebeom.

Nylon Jaebeom 06Oh. Em. Gee.  SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE ♥

Nylon Jaebeom 07I wonder how hard he worked to get those buns of steel. Egg whites and salad? Maybe some water?


And because I like to finish things off with a BANG. Here’s a full frontal.

Brace yourself people.

Nylon Jaebeom 01His BAMF expression needs tweeking. As I always say, if they can’t do it right, throw them in a cold shower for 20 minutes. That’s how Wolverine gets into character. Serious. No lie.

And do you know what the best part about this is?!


Yes, the best part of his body are his vocal cords (not shown).

Credits: as tagged, bestiz, seafood@soompi


[Perf] 2PM – Jaebeom performing Billie Jean

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Edit: That was totally weird, I finished this post… but it published without any of my vids or comments. o___O

As always Jaebeom is a solid performer.

But since I’m not a big fan of MJ, this would’ve been equally entertaining on mute.

Just sayin’ is all.

Love the outfit.

Credits: elaisfangirl


2PM – Nichkhun’s Scandal

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…The TV show that is.

ONE LUCKY #(*%&(8 gets a REAL DATE with Nichkhun for the ENTIRE DAY (UH SUNSHINE TO MOONLIGHT if you needed clarification)


Watch the preview:

Credits: Symbelmyns


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2PM – Wooyoung’s Crazy Dance feat. Jaebeom’s Arms

Posted in 2PM, 2PM Videos by Jae on May 3, 2009

Boy looks like he’s on crack. XD


Did anyone else think…. male stripper?


Credit: Symbelmyns


P.S. Was that Song Hye Gyo near the end?

P.P.S. Shindong looks so unimpressed at the end. XD

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show with Brown Eyed Girls 090101

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Been dyin’ to see this subbed after watching the whole thing cluelessly a while back.

This is the ep where Jaebeom does the Rainism dance…

Did anyone else fangirl at that touch-neck-touch-chest-part?


Here it is subbed… strangely Part 1 is missing… but you know us hardcore fans, missing one part really isn’t going to stop us.

Will update as Part 1 is uploaded. ^^

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Credit: time2sub


[Perf] Navi feat. Jaebeom – My heart is injured

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Watch this in HD.

I thought it would be pretty weird to have a rapping part in a ballad so I naturally assumed that Jaebeom would give us his sweeeeet voice and associated exaggerated facial expressions.

But I was wrong – he did rap, and it did not suck.

In fact it was pretty good, of course, I didn’t understand a lick of the Korean rapping parts I don’t think he did either.

But the English part was solid. ^^

I could tell you the parts I liked, but I figured it would sound lame if you were to read it here..

Did I mention Jaebeom looked SMOKIN’?


Credit: CodeAnalysis


2PM – Again & Again MV

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Why are these repetitive type songs being constantly aired Again and Again, didn’t Super Junior already say Sorry Sorry?

OKAY that was LAME. But c’mon, the situation asked for it.

This is their single off their 2PM Time for Change album.

I really like the song except for the chorus because.. I don’t know, it is missing some OMPH.

But this song is at least 10X better than 10 points out of 10.



Actually all the boys look so good. YUM.


And Taecyeon should always rap, such a smexy voice. ♥____♥

For some reason the beginning part of the MV when Junho’s looking up at the girl’s window reminds me of G-Dragon’s This Love MV.

The choreography is really nice and I think they used the auto tone at the end of the song to perfection with the Jaebeom and Junsu’s adlibbing. MOLLLLAAAHhhHHhhHHhHHhh~~


Yes, I broke my hiatus. I could only do one post, so this one won over “DBSK’s garbage being auctioned” post.

Hope all your exams are well!

Credit: time2sub


2PM Comeback Teaser Photo

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Normally I hate teaser videos and the like because they’re just that and it’s so unfulfilling. And no one likes a tease.

But I had to this time because the photo is absolutely smokin’

I love the new concept; looks like they’re going for an edgier look this time around, which I’m loving.

And who can say no to Jaebeom’s arms?



Source: JYPE

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show with After School 090319

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Edit: All parts up! ^^

Part 1:

Credits: Symbelmyns


More 2PM Idol Show after the jump…