2PM – NichKhun on MNET Scandal 090520

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HOLY CRAP. I KNOW. It’s been months since I’ve posted.

But I really think this deserved a post.

Nichkhun is the cutest thing ever. I think he has given Jaebeom a run for his money.

Actually, I think Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Taec are all number one now… decisions. Also Junsu… is climbing FAST.

P.S. Nichkhun isn’t the only cutie she’s dated… #*$&@^%*&^*&%^only the other cutest guy in biz@#$%^

Episode #1

Part 1:

Ep 1 & 2 after the jump…

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[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show with Brown Eyed Girls 090101

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Been dyin’ to see this subbed after watching the whole thing cluelessly a while back.

This is the ep where Jaebeom does the Rainism dance…

Did anyone else fangirl at that touch-neck-touch-chest-part?


Here it is subbed… strangely Part 1 is missing… but you know us hardcore fans, missing one part really isn’t going to stop us.

Will update as Part 1 is uploaded. ^^

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Credit: time2sub


[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show with After School 090319

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Edit: All parts up! ^^

Part 1:

Credits: Symbelmyns


More 2PM Idol Show after the jump…

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show – Season 3: Episode 10 090205

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Edit: All parts are up!

I just finished watching this,Part 4 is a MUST WATCH. Gotta love those Boys over Flower references.


Part 1 of 4:

More 2PM Idol Show after the jump…

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Arirang Hit Maker Interview

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Always nice to hear the boys speak engLish not engRish…

Jaebeom’s outfit is LOVE. ^^

Credits: joongbolove

Why is Jaebeom always so awkward when he speaks English? -___-

Interviewer: what do you guys do in your free time?

Jaebeom: I work out *points to Nichkhun* he works ou-




^ emoticon borrowed from Cheuk-Tong baby

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Kissing Paper Game with 2AM

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My dreams have come true.

I’d like to make a highlight reel but I must slave away at school. Haven’t even watched Boys Over Flowers Ep. 7&8 yet. ;____;


Credits: jommjorn

P.S. Does anyone else find the female PDs of Idol Show hilarious with how they blatantly favour NichKhun? XD

[Eng Sub] 2PM – Idol Show Missions: Chan Sung, Jae Beom, Nich Khun

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Watch the vids in this order… it’s funnier… I promise ^^

Basically the mission is to get recognized on the street and be asked for an autograph. It shouldn’t be hard for idols… but there are some members who are more popular than others………..

3. Chan Sung


So everyone band has to have one fail-y but loveable member. Maknae is my official 2PM  fail-y. Poor thing.

2. Jae Beom

Wow, what a baitout when they thought those two ahjummas had recognized him when really they were just checking out a nice hairpin.


It’s okay Beommie, you got me. Total side note: at 1:13 inside the vender’s stand you can see a rip-off of the Chanel necklace that GD wore. ^^

Poor Jae Beom has to dance for the male vendor for a discount, that must’ve been awkward… What’s even more embarassing is that he hasn’t been recognized yet even though he has the band’s name “2PM” shaved on the side of his hair…

Freakin’ Jae Beom is so funny when he gives up and just stands in the middle of the street praying that someone will recognize him.

It looks like he’s lost all his confidence but THEN two girls recognize him and he BEAMS. Beams of confidence. Killer smile. Those girls were SO LUCKY *SIGH*

I felt so bad for Jaebeom when he had to beg the boongohbbang ahjumma for a deal and then when she went cut throat on him, he panicked and immediately dropped into his safety net and started to sing. LOL


1. Nich Khunnniiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee

With THAT FACE, there is no way he wouldn’t be the most popular member.

OMG,PUFFY EARMUFFS –> *dies of cuteness*

I love how the members are so bitter when it comes to Khunnie’s turn.

Wooyoung: He’ll probably get spotted in 15 seconds.

What’s funnier still is that Khunnie gets spotted in 3.

Jaebeom (bitter): They come running. Running.

Jaebeom is totally jealous, OMG, I CAN USE JAELOUS HERE TOO.

I love how everyone used the same Hello Kitty wallet and got strange looks for it but when Nichkhun uses it, all of a sudden it’s “NOMU KYOOO~~~” and “NOMU YIPPEO!!!”.

It’s so funny how Chan Sung couldn’t get anyone to recognize him but Khunnie’s like holding a mini fan meeting or something.

EVEN a halmoni off the street recognizes him: “You’re prettier in real life”

Chan Sung (Dejected): People keep going to him, I was standing alone there for 3 minutes and no one…

Poor Jaebeom looked so angry when that boongohbbang ahjumma gave Nichkhun pastries for 1000 won. And then to add insult to injury, she OFFERS Nichkhun TWO EXTRA PASTRIES FOR FREE when Jaebeom had to BEG AND SING for one extra. Conspiracy! ^^

God, I love these guys. It’s official. NEW FANDOM.

Credits: symbelmyns

[Eng Sub] 2PM – School of Rock Part 1 081126

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I don’t know why 2PM isn’t more popular since they’re hot talented and dance well maybe it’s because the boyband market is already saturated. A rough, likely ignorant, guesstimate of mine would be that KPOP fangirls are largely split between Cassies, VIPs and to a lesser degree now due to Super Junior’s inactivity, E.L.F.s. Maybe that’s an oversimplification? But that’s the kind of feeling I get here overseas.

I know that the last thing I need is YET another fandom, but I will proudly add this to my collection. ^^

Preliminary Rankings (this is so evil, but EVERYONE does it!)

3. Chan Sung






Khunnie pictured on the left. ♥

1. Jaebeom





The other members are: Junsu (not to be confused with dolphin boy), Junho (not to be confused with dolphin boy’s twin), TaecYeon, and Wooyoung. I haven’t gotten to know the other members yet so I may update that list.

Here they are on School of Rock which I love because they have to grant their fans’ wishes. ^__~

Credits: joongbolove

Image Credits: 2PM Soompi thread ❤