TaeYang – Where U At MV

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OH I’ve missed you Taeyang and your smooth vocals.

I love GD, but no one can do it vocally like Taeyang.

It’s really a shame since he won’t be promoting this song but fear not fangirls he is just preparing for his comeback with another single: Wedding Dress.

Check out the video below, his dancing = sick.

Credit: OnlyYBmania

I suspect the video will be removed soon. YG is usually on top of this ish.

I love how Teddy makes a random cameo. So weird seeing him out of his usual hoodie + cap.

P.S. Can we PLEASE stop spelling song titles lyk dis. YOU’re not being economical just by saving two letters.

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[Big Bang] G-Dragon – Heartbreaker MV

Posted in Big Bang, Big Bang Videos by Jae on August 18, 2009

He’s fierce. In a Lady GaGa kind of way.

Would I still go there?

You betcha.

There and back.

Credits: YGEnt


P.S. Does anyone know why GD chose an apple?

Ahem… My dog ate my laptop. True story.

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I come bearing gifts.

Flowers anyone?

T.O.P. in Arena

Be back in a bit!

Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop MV

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This is the latest commercial for the LG Cyon Phone.


The Big Bang sunbaes are giving their hoobaes – newcomers 2NE1 a hand in this commercial. With Big Bang on board, I’m sure tons of people with be checking out the newest property of YG Family.

For those of you who are not familiar with 2NE1, they are the much anticipated new female group from YG Ent. produced by G-Dragon.

Members include: Minji, CL, Park Bom and Sandara Park.

I have such high hopes for Minji (so cute).

Credit: BabyBongaholic

At first when I heard GD say: Nah, this isn’t how we do it. I immediately thought of another girl band that had an affinity for lollipops.

Now on to the MV, WTH is up with GD’s hair?! While in shock I penned this note:

Dear GD,

My (hot) friend, there is a fine line between genius and just plain weird. This is definitely in the latter category. I have always supported your creativity but you look like you have a mop for hair and a janitor with that pink jumpsuit. Ixnay. Ixnay. I will still love you, but still. Ixnay.

P.S. Tell Seungri to ease up on the eyeliner

Moving along, T.O.P. YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. SMOKKKKKKKKKKKIN’ HOT. Only TOP could look badass singing the words: Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop.

AND FOR ONCE, I actually liked the choreography, thank you, did we fire Seungri?


[Eng Sub] Ep. 35 – Big Bang T.O.P. on Family Outing 090215

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This is part 2 of their excursion ^^

You can find part 1 here.

Part 2A:

Credit: ramensoupsubs

More Family Outing after the jump…

[Eng Sub] Ep. 34 – Big Bang T.O.P. on Family Outing 090208

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Edit: ALL parts up!

YAY it’s finally out!!! No more trying to decipher 2 minute long clips 16 different times to get the joke because you’re not Korean.

Will update as the parts are uploaded!

Thanks to BigBangxVIP for subbing. ^^

Part 1a:

More Family Outing after the jump…

Big Bang – Dance Battle: Seungri vs. Taeyang

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2:45 – 2:54

Greatest. 9 seconds. Ever.

Credit: BabyBongaholic
(I’m so sorry, I just realized today, there was an ‘a’ between ‘Bong’ and ‘holic’, jwesonghamnida)

Seungri you didn’t have the slimmest of chance of winning against Taeyang. BTW was anyone else reminded of the Jabbawockeez during Taeyang’s dance?

Side note to Seungri: This is a dance battle not a who-is-the-best-video-hoe dance-off man.      -___-


I don’t know what the show is called, maybe this is a special? I heard either Hwi Jae or Jung Hwan say it was an Idol Star Dance Battle?

The show seemed pretty idol-studded since I managed to catch the SNSD girls, Super Junior and Big Bang members in the audience.

With so many stars, I’m sure it will be subbed and up’d soon. Will post again then. ^^


[Eng Sub] DBSK & Big Bang – Junsu Replies to Seungri’s Love Call

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Saw this miles away. Now with subs. =)

Junsu Calls Shin Shin Radio

Credits: jaynerox91

It doesn’t actually sound like Junsu called the radio in real time. So I think it might be more accurate to call it an audio messsage?

Our fans told me that Seungri wants to be closer to me…

Even though I don’t know what the reason is…

Oh Junsu, you do have the most fans contrary to what you think.

Some of you might recall that I met a Xiah Junsu fan out of the blue in the library a couple of months ago.

I met another just yesterday, we bonded immediately after she saw my Jaejoong wallpaper.

M: Ahhhh~~~

J: AH…?

M: *points to screen* Youngwoong Jaejoong

J: *points to her screen* Xiah Junsu

M: …

J: …

M&J: ….hwaiting. ^^


KPOP News: T.O.P. to make appearance on Family Outing

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Me: Nice


Stalker photos of the filming location have indicated that T.O.P. of Big Bang will be joining the family in an episode coming up.

I can’t wait to see the interactions between T.O.P. and Hyori seeing as T.O.P. is such a huge fan of hers. I also suspect that Hyori’s favourite BB member is T.O.P. since she told Daesung to bring T.O.P. next time during the episode G-Dragon was on and this gif:

hyori steals a hug from T.O.P.

T.O.P. & Hyori kiss at the MKMF:

Did anyone catch Hyori’s smile after? Wow, talk about lucky. I know she’s fangirling inside. I  hope they bring this up during FO.

Can’t wait for this episode to air! ><

Credits: daum, skye

[Eng Sub] Big Bang – Infinity Challenge’s Haru Haru Parody

LOL. Check out the original MV below if you haven’t already done so. ^^

Credits: coolsmurf

Myung Soo as GD


The funniest part is when Noh Ho Chul has to do Seungri’s part and he imitates Seungri’s fail-y voice EXACTLY the way he sounds in live performances of this song. Some of you may be confused, others angry that I have pointed this out, but whether you want to believe it or not, Seungri’s live is not as strong as the other members. Sometimes, it just sounds like his mic is off because his voice isn’t as loud as the others. Sorry if I’ve offended any Seungri fans out there, but he’s got a long way to go before being on the same playing field as Taeyang or Daesung.

Here is the original Haru Haru MV. Yea, it’s overly dramatic and clichéd like your typical Korean drama. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. Tragedy strikes. But watch it anyway if you haven’t otherwise, the parody isn’t going to make sense. And is Park Min Young the designated MV girl? I recently saw her in the new Gavy NJ MV with GD’s friend/Kim Min Hee’s boytoy. I needs me a fresh face please!

Credits: coolsmurf

Haru Haru isn’t a bad song. But I like to think of it as GEOJITMAL #2. Maybe I shouldn’t say that because GEOJITMAL is much better. Not to mention that the MV is killer:

Credits: khmerchick2010

I loved this GD fashion phase with the “apple” hair and the scarves. ♥___♥