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When I say this performance was smokin’ hot I mean like burning hot. lmao.

I’m so happy that their stylists are done tormenting us the boys with those awful outfits. We’re finally seeing eye to eye, the outfits tonight were ON THE MONEY.

I knew, I just knew this performance was going to be absolutely sick when I first saw Junsu’s entrance. Junsu looked and acted completely BADASS tonight. Yunho’s entrance was absolutely BOSS. Leader-sshi totally deserved that commanding entrance. Absolutely insane.

I don’t really care for live perfs because I think we’re spoiled by DBSK’s frequent amazing lives. But this one is SOLID GOLD and kept me focused to the very end.

This is my favourite performance of Mirotic, it is a remix and they TOTALLY RIPPED IT. The guitar and the violins blasted this song to a whole new level. Yunho and Junsu NAILED the dance sequence in the middle. It was absolutely amazing. And none of that “under my sky” crap either. This is the real deal.

Lastly, the ending was ABSOLUTELY INSANE. ABSO-FCUKING-LUTELY INSANE. Jaejoong timed it to a TEE with the beats. XD

Kids, I’m going to be honest here, I haven’t been this excited since I went to Disneyworld.

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Spoilers and pics after the jump…


Let’s paint the city red.

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First and foremost, I’d like to thank Amy, Cheryl and Krishna for my awesome Christmas gift. =)

I got a ton of stuff that I have been eyeing not so secretly for some time and I’m really excited. I, now know that the maroon HR box is known not to disappoint. EVER. lol

Love you guys!

In other news, I finished my final exam today. Sadly, I have also consumed more caffeine in the past 3 weeks than my entire life put together. Gross.

I feel like I’ve escaped from Azkaban and I’m on the run and about to do some serious damage. But with a credit card and not a wand.

So I will be back to posting more DBSK stuff but before I do that, I wanted to share with you with one of my current and favourite Youtube subscriptions: whatstyleistonickel.

Credit: whatstyleistonickel

He is stunning. Absolutely stunning.The accent helps too.

His facial features are perfection. And I don’t know what’s he doing if he’s not modelling.

I love all his smokey eye looks, they’ve all got this sexy rocker glam look to them which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Love his hair (so chic, but alas too daring for me) and his bag collection.

But most of all I love him for teaching me how to pronounce Balenciaga properly.


Check him out, he is amazing.

Other current Youtube obsessions include: MakeupbyTiffanyD and MakeupGeekTV; both of whom do stunning looks complete with tutorials. ♥

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GOTD #3: A colour that needs no introduction…

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (and online shopping galore!)


Christmas GOTD #2: Scarves

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One thing I love about winter is the opportunity to bust out the scarves. Over the years I have amassed quite a few…. metallic, gingham, Burberry, houndstooth, paisley, you name I probably have it. But there remains ONE scarf that I have not coveted yet. Several seasons ago, Balenciaga unveiled what I refer to as my favourite, dare I say… holy grail, Balenciaga collection: RTW Fall 2007. If you’ve forgotten (how could you!), lemme remind you all of this epic collection:




My favourite of the collection

My favourite of the collection

It was ethnic, pretty and schoolboy chic. LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection. This Balenciaga collection is the reason for all the contrast piped blazers that have since been seen in stores everywhere. The real blazer retailed for a price of £1300 (uh… $2660.71USD) and I’ve only ever seen one being worn on Gossip Girl. (Blair wore the second blazer above.) One of the reasons I loved the last outfit the most was the kaffiya scarf… this charmed baby retailed for roughly $6000USD. Yea that extra zero, yea, it’s supposed to be there. Ladies, I feared that all was lost… UNTIL… I stumbled upon Sir Alistair Rai.

Sir Alistair Rai is a brand started by Kiran Rai and is mostly known for its star clientele including Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie. Their focus is, of course, ethnic scarves.

Raja Navy Dupatta Love Scarf

Raja Navy Dupatta Love Scarf

Raja Winter White Karma Scarf/Wrap

Raja Winter White Karma Scarf/Wrap on Jessica Alba

Black/Pink Red Summer Love Dupatta Scarf on Rachel Bilson

Black/Pink Red Summer Love Dupatta Scarf on Rachel Bilson

Even though I generally lump scarves under the same lame category as socks for gifts, I think this would be a great gift for your fashionista friends and family. So yea go ahead and buy this for that special Asian, four-eyed, 5′ 3 crazy broke female friend you’ve been thinking about. Especially if you’re a boy, because I think any girl would be pretty impressed with any man who knew Alistair Rai. =)

BTW, if you were wondering, these scarves retail from $100 – $150 USD.

P.S. The new Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009 Collection is out… so maybe a post in the near future about what kind of things I would do for a $600 keyfob. -___-”  God, new Azur items….

P.P.S. I tried really hard to think of a GOTD for men… but it is really hard lol… maybe Krishna can do like a male counterpart to these posts or something… lol

Image sources: Balenciaga, Sir Alistair Rai, unusual threads, blueheavenboutique, singer 22

GOTD #1: One for you…….. annnnd one for me

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No, that is not the sound of me Christmas shopping. I think it’s really hard to decide on gifts for the opposite sex so I’ve decided to do posts where I post a gift idea for a girl and then one for a boy and see whether the sexes agree with my selection. I’m pretty sure my girl ideas will be a dead ringer but I’m curious about the male selections.

Gift of the Day – Ladies:

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette LE:


I dont think this really needs an explanation. I don’t know anyone who would say ‘no’ to this. I would not give this as a gift to girls if you’re a guy… giving makeup to a girl is suggestive… in a bad way. Just throwing it out there.

Gift of the day – Gentlemen:

Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl

J. Press Silk/Wool Patchwork Scarf

J. Press Silk/Wool Patchwork Scarf

No, the gift is not Chuck Bass. It’s the infamous Chuck Bass scarf. The authentic version is made by J. Press and the scarf retails for $175 while all the other models are selling for much less. I can already see what the team over at J. Press did: Realizing the opportunity and money to-be-had, they mass produced a previously poor-selling scarf,  who could blame anyone, it was and still is made from leftover scraps of ties and jacked up the price. It’s pretty shameless, but that’s exactly what Chuck Bass is so go figure.  Anyway it is currently sold out. But fear not, if you’re really thinking about getting this for your S.O. it should be in stock on Dec. 10. Keep your fingers crossed.

Just for the girls, close the door…