Jaejoong is Japan’s Prince ^^

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A poll in Japan named Jaejoong as the Japanese’s ideal prince even beating out natives like members of W-inds and Kinki Kids.

(^____^) V

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong was voted to be the top “Prince” in Japan according to a poll conducted by the Japanese portal site “Barks.” The poll took place over 6 days from April 14 to April 20 and more than 30% of the vote (around 8000 votes) went to Jaejoong. I believe Jaejoong was the only non-Japanese in the poll and he beat out many top nominees such as Keita Tachibana from W-inds, Domoto Koichi from KinKi Kids, YOSHIKI from X Japan, and many others.

Credit: allkpop


090505 4Th Tour The Secret Code in Kobe_8

And hello!!


Silliness aside, I agree with Japan, Jaejoong must be one of the most beautiful people to have ever walked the face of this planet. ♥____♥

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[Pics] Jaejoong Mirotic Concert

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OMFG. It’s been ages since I posted some DBSK.

I’m always in the mood for Jaejoong’s pout! ^^

These are behind-the-scene pics of their Mirotic concert tour.

Prepare yourself for some “changing” scenes.



concertphotobook-heyjj_11…He’s slimmed down since the earlier Mirotic days. But my god, it is still so beautiful ;_____;




Credits: as tagged, TVXQfever@blogspot

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[Photos & Scans] DBSK in Pia Magazine

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Finally a Japanese photoshoot that did the boys justice. I was losing hope for a while.

But nothing can ever go wrong with JJ!!!




pia2All the boys look so smexy here…. except for ahjussified Yunho. What is up with his hair?!?!?! I seem to be asking that pretty often these days

pia3Reminds me of the MIROTIC photoshoots. I like the black.



Credits: tvxqfever, DBSKnights, DBSJ Heaven, HanLei DBSK, Farahshar

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[Photos] DBSK – Jaejoong with BOF’s Gang San

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Who would’ve thought that these two heartbreakers were friends?!

According to chibichan over at kbites

Ji Bin met JaeJoong before BOF in 2005 at a children charity foundation.They exchanged phone numbers and now Ji Bin is like his dongsaeng.


Aren’t they so cute?

Jaejoong’s compromising, drinking juice out of shot glasses. I don’t think he’d want Ji Bin to know how hard of a drinker he actually is.

And all that fooood!!! O____O

Gotta love how these Ji Bin knows how to work the myspace angle. Jae’s been teaching his dongseng well. ^^



Credits: kbites@wordpress

[Photos] DBSK at Yamaha International Motor Show in Thailand

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Credits: TVXQEvent, TVXQFever

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[Scans] DBSK in Tarzan Magazine

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I saw this over at chaosundercontrol and had to share it!



Credit: as tagged, Non-Fiction@ Soompi, lovetohateme@wordpress

Edit: I found it! It was part of the MIROTIC Concert Promo Poster.

BTW, does anyone know where this photo is from?!

The haircuts remind me of the late Mirotic promotion period. Please let me know! TIA!



[Photos] DBSK – Jaejoong Selca Pics

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I really missed his randomness ^^

Did anyone find it weird that the pictures are picture of his phone? I wonder who ninja’d his phone to take these pics. XD

Edit: these were featured on a show DBSK were guests on. Check out the full English subbed video here.



I wonder how his hair stands up to all the colouring jobs he subjects it to:


Credits: tvxqfever


DBSK – Jaejoong at Mirotic Concert

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Your eyes do not deceive you, it is the L.O.M.L. lol


Oh how I’ve missed you so!


Please keep your hair this colour, PURE smex.


Doesn’t he look like he’s unbuttoning his suit? XD

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DBSK – Yoochun buys a new car ^^

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Audi R8

I always thought that Korean stars were penniless and slaves to their companies but I was the only one who didn’t get the memo because they are clearly living balling lifetyles. I should’ve gotten the hint when Yoochun bought Micky Goong.

For those of you who watched Iron Man this is the car that Tony Spark drove around in. The Audi costs roughly $200,000USD in Korea and is named World Performance Car and World Car Design of the Year by an international jury at the 2008 New York Auto Show.

I know nothing about cars, but I do know that this one is a sexy beast of a car.

But of course, I still prefer Jaejoongie’s Beamer:


From my stalking knowledge, I recall all the members owning at least one Lexus (in addition to their personal cars). According to a rumour, these were a present from their company president when they sweeped the Daesangs in 2006. ^^

Source: DBSKnights, Baidu

Happy Birthday Changmin!!!

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I apologize for the weak post but I’m not on my other computer which has my DBSK archives =(