[Eng Sub] Micky & Max Just Doing Their Own Thing

Posted in DBSK, Eng Subbed by Jae on April 7, 2009

I think in Japan, JJ, Junsu and Yunho do most of the talking in the interviews and talk shows, so I never really pay attention to Yoochun or Changmin who usually sit in the back.


But man should I, they’re freakin’ hilarious. Maybe this will encourage me to watch more of their Japanese stuff -___-

Credits: mickytohos



[Eng Sub] DBSK on Tokyo Ladies4 Show 090324

Posted in DBSK, Eng Subbed by Jae on March 30, 2009

My experience has always been: DBSK + FOOD = ♥

Only Part 1 has been subbed, the subber will finish Part 2 this weekend. =)

Make sure you turn on CC to watch with subs. ^^

Part 1:

Part 2:

coming soon!

Credits: yunjae2kenoa


[Eng Sub] DBSK on MU 090324

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Edit: sorry about the mistake ladies, there are actually four parts to this. All up now!

Flowers from DBSK?! Better watch yourself ladies.

Best to skip this one if you’re on a tight schedule. The interview wasn’t very interesting, just the boys talking about their new Tohoshinki Album which I WILL get around to…

Part 1 of 4:

More DBSK on MU after the jump…

[Eng Sub] DBSK – Oshare Izm 090322

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Edit: All parts up!! 7 in total. ^^

Thanks to Liz for the heads up! ^^

This is the show where they showed Jaejoong’s selca pics XD

I don’t understand why Yunho adopts his ahjusshi haircut when he’s in Japan. Please bring the sexy back! ><

I know I’ve been slacking on narrating commenting on the videos and pics as of late, but there is simply too much going on with school right now. ^^;;

Make sure you turn on CC to view!

Part 1:

More DBSK on Oshare Izm after the jump…

[Eng Sub] DBSK on We Got Married

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I stopped following We Got Married months ago after JoongBo left the show. It just wasn’t the same anymore, and in all honesty, the new couples were so damn boring. *YAWN*

But as always, I’ll watch anything with DBSK. Check ’em out here with Hyungdon for Thailand’s SMTown Concert.

Remember to turn on CC for subs. ^^

Credit: mickytohos

Love how Hyundon fangirls over DBSK. “OH, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Dong Bang Shin Ki!”  lol


JAEJOONG. BODY. *________*


LMFAO! Right after Yoochun shoots him a compliment, you can catch Hyungdon slip him money at 0:37.

Love how Junsu and Jaejoong jump aboard as soon as they realize money’s involved. XD

Hyungdon: AIGOO. *touched* *shoots members money*


DBSK! Come Back! WE MISS YOU LOTS! (;____;)


[Eng Sub] DBSK – Naruto Reference ^_____^

Posted in DBSK, DBSK Videos, Eng Subbed by Jae on March 21, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, DBSK are big fans of Naruto; I recall reading one of their interviews and when the interviewer asked what they had done last, one of the members replied: watched an episode of Naruto. This will largely be uninteresting for those who are not familiar with Naruto but for those who are: omoshiroi dattebayo!


P.S. Gotta love Yoochun in a head protector.

[Eng Sub] DBSK – Mirotic Concert Clip about Changmin’s “Addiction”

Posted in DBSK, DBSK Videos, Eng Subbed by Jae on February 27, 2009

I just wanted to post this because I thought it was so cute. ^^

Credits: minoli


[Eng Sub] DBSK – Channel-A Part 1 090205

Posted in DBSK, DBSK Videos, Eng Subbed by Jae on February 11, 2009

Ahhh it seems like forever since the boys left for Japan ;_____;

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

Credits: ichigoKJJ


[Eng Sub] DBSK – M-On Music Machine 090127

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Only Jaejoong and Micky here, wonder where the other boys are.


Wish I could write some comments to the video but I’ve been busy partying these days…. with my textbooks.

Fun stuff.

Part 1

Part 2

Credits: purplefanatic91

Image Credits: DBSKnights, DNBN, Bubbleguies

[Eng Sub] DBSK & Big Bang – Junsu Replies to Seungri’s Love Call

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Saw this miles away. Now with subs. =)

Junsu Calls Shin Shin Radio

Credits: jaynerox91

It doesn’t actually sound like Junsu called the radio in real time. So I think it might be more accurate to call it an audio messsage?

Our fans told me that Seungri wants to be closer to me…

Even though I don’t know what the reason is…

Oh Junsu, you do have the most fans contrary to what you think.

Some of you might recall that I met a Xiah Junsu fan out of the blue in the library a couple of months ago.

I met another just yesterday, we bonded immediately after she saw my Jaejoong wallpaper.

M: Ahhhh~~~

J: AH…?

M: *points to screen* Youngwoong Jaejoong

J: *points to her screen* Xiah Junsu

M: …

J: …

M&J: ….hwaiting. ^^