[Photos] More Kim Bum for Thursday Island

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Remember way back when Kim Bum first did these shoots for T.I.?

(If not, check it out here)

Well, I loved that photo shoot and now we have more photos!

Everybody wins.




Credits: allkpop


[Photos] DBSK – Jaejoong with BOF’s Gang San

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Who would’ve thought that these two heartbreakers were friends?!

According to chibichan over at kbites

Ji Bin met JaeJoong before BOF in 2005 at a children charity foundation.They exchanged phone numbers and now Ji Bin is like his dongsaeng.


Aren’t they so cute?

Jaejoong’s compromising, drinking juice out of shot glasses. I don’t think he’d want Ji Bin to know how hard of a drinker he actually is.

And all that fooood!!! O____O

Gotta love how these Ji Bin knows how to work the myspace angle. Jae’s been teaching his dongseng well. ^^



Credits: kbites@wordpress

Kim Bum Spris Fan Signing

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Credits: massive_toene


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[Photos] Kim Bum for Thursday Island

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Some of you might know that I am quite “fond” of Kim Bum especially since I did that LIFM banner featuring him. ^^

He plays my favourite character in HYD: Nishikado Soujiroh or Ee Jungieee on BOF. =)

And like the rest of the BOF cast, he is enjoying the surge of popularity from the hit show! Here he is posing for Thursday Island for men.

When these pictures were released on the Thursday Island website, netizens were frantically dling the pics and managed to crash the server. XD

Can someone say…



KILLER smile attack XD




Gotta love that gif. *____*


Credits: Kbites, popseoul

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Jang Ja Yun commits suicide

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A little over a week ago, Jang Ja Yun, a cast members of Boys over Flowers committed suicide. It was speculated that her death  was due severe depression stemming from the deaths of her late parents when she was only 16.

However, it appears as though her manager has come forth with some rather disturbing news. It turns out that Jang Ja Yun had hand-written some documents outlining the reasons for her suicide and sent them to her manager so that he could speak out for her.

The manager has yet to reveal more specifics regarding the documents but he did state the contents to be very shocking and disturbing. He only said so far that there were incidents at room saloons and bars, and being forced to sleep with the production director (PD). Other abuse include being physically beaten with water bottles and receiving threatening text messages. All this abuse took place in the past year and even just a week before she committed suicide, she went to the head of her company to ask for help from the harassment. But she was beaten and told to just endure it.

She confessed in her letters that she was forced to do the dirty deeds, because she had no money and was emotionally weak. Jang Ja Yun’s manager made a public statement that although exposing her truth to the police and media is going against her family’s wishes, he wants to see the person pay / punished for her death.

Source: allkpop

It is a dirty business. It really makes you question how often this kind of thing occurs behind doors. I’m utterly disgusted by the way her company handled this situation. RIP.

Lee Min Ho for Levi’s

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Even though Kim Bum to me is more attractive than Lee Min Ho, you just can’t top the character that is GOO JUN PYO.

I don’t think anyone needs to proof to see that LMH is $^%&^%*(^

But I’ll give you some anyway ^^

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:


Yes yes, no need to fix anything. You are a certified hottie. Please leave JanDi behind, she doesn’t even deserve you.



Fangirl: *stares intently*


LMH: Mwuh?

Fangirl: *fangirls* [random fangirl phrases]


LMH: *smirks*

Fangirl: *dies*


People can make fun of the pink car but honestly, he could’ve been on a garbage truck and still be swoon-worthy.




I love how Moon Chae Won is out of focus here. Poor girl doesn’t have a chance against the hotness that is Min Ho right now XD


Even when she’s looking at the camera, the camera’s focus is on Min Ho. LMAO. The cameraman has his priorities straight.


Bread has never looked so good…


Look at those legs ><



We always knew Lee Min Ho was smokin’ hot.

We just didn’t know he was also smoking.


I can see Cheryl’s dream going up in smoke. OKAY I”M STOPPING.

Lee Min Ho gallery after the jump…

Kim So Eun is my first girl crush

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Okay maybe not, I mean I think Megan Fox was my first. But Kim So Eun is moving UP those ranks. Gorgeous beyond belief, so pretty I think she has dethroned Song Hye Gyo from her top spot in all time beauties. I love her as Ga Eul in BOF, she is arguably my favourite character after JUN PYOOOO~. Although she shares that coveted second spot with LOML #2: Kim Bum ♥_____♥

Sometimes, when Jandi gets too annoying for me, I look for the Ee Jung/Ga Eul storyline to get me to keep watching the show. These two are PERFECT together!





Here she is shooting for Ceci Magazine, girl looks SO BEAUTIFUL!


Girl is stunning, puts those flowers to shame.


Some selca pics from her Cyworld minihompy:




Credits: allkpop

Lee Min Ho for W Magazine

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And ‘W’ stands for WOW.

It looks like they followed him to the set of Boys over Flowers since most of these shots seem to be behind-the-scenes type photos.

This show and its actors are getting immense coverage in the news right now due to the show’s popularity. But in all honesty, I’m almost BOF’d out.


This shot is so dreamy. Love the oufit.


I think we all remember this shiny patent jacket. *shakes head* But who am I to judge? *shifty eyes*


^ This scene calls for sex-kitten hair. XD


^ This picture reminds me more of the NG than the actual scene.

*Minho leans in for the kiss*

Director: CUT!

Direction: I said touch lips, NOT open them!

*various failed cuts follow*

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Hana Yori Dango roles previously offered to DBSK

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Turns out the boys were offered the roles for Boys over Flowers as well:

Yunho = Goo Jun Pyo

Yoochun = Yoon Ji Hoo

Jaejoong or Junsu = Soh Ee Jung

Where’s Changmin? Poor guy always gets left out.

I think the roles would’ve fit their personalities closer, but who are we kidding, we all know that Jaejoong is a better playboy than Junsu. Junsu can play the triad boss’s son.

Unfortunately, the boys declined the roles due to their busy schedules. I really miss them.

On one hand, I would’ve liked the boys to be in Boys over Flowers but then again I don’t know if their acting chops are up to it. So it’s best to leave it to the pros. Although I think Yunho would’ve made a great Goo Jun Pyo. ^^

Credit: popseoul

We Asians are not done with Hana Yori Dango

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I suspect we never will be. I am anxiously awaiting Bollywood to make their version.


This promo poster fails to do any of their faces justice. I don’t know why but Lee Min Ho isn’t very photogenic and don’t let this picture fool you, KIM BUM IS SMEXY.

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