Dsquared2 Fall 2009 RTW

Posted in Fashion, Women by Jae on April 25, 2009

Now that school’s eased off of me, I can finally catchup on some runway shows I’ve missed in like the past three months or whatever.

This particular one caught my eye.

The Dsquared RTW Collection was fresh and fun; right down to the Starbucks in hand and all. ^^

This is my favourite outfit of the night. *MUST GET HAT*


My goodness, all the sunnies have me droooooooooooling. *___*


Love this ensemble here. Sometimes I wish I were blond. *sigh*


Everyone’s gushing about Jourdan Dunn and what not, but please, Chanel Iman is fcuking fierce. LOVE HER.




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House of Harlow 1960

Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on April 24, 2009

I was over at ShopBop when I spotted the photoshoot Nicole Richie did for House of Harlow 1960 (named after her daughter – so cute!!!).

IMHO, I think Nicole Richie’s one of the few people in Hollywood with good style. I mean yea, she has a stylist, but I love how she’s made that boho look her own.

I think the photoshoot is stunning to say the least, I love the jewellery and I’m hoping her clothing and and shoe line are going to embody the same feeling and style. =)

house_lb_main_1_v1_m56577569831559271Love this photo here, one word: sunkissed.

house_lb_main_5_v1_m56577569831559275Stunning. Love those bangles!!! ><

house_lb_main_3_v1_m56577569831559273 I’m dying to know, who makes the shirt (green) that she is wearing? AND I also love her resin necklace that she’s wearing in the photo. *love*

house_lb_main_4_v1_m56577569831559274WOOT. Wish my hair were like hers.

house_lb_main_2_v1_m56577569831559272Not going to like, this is the only photo I’m not feeling. Maybe it’s the makeup. or the facial expression. I really don’t know.

I love some of her more elaborate head pieces (not featured). ><

You can shop her collection at ShopBop but the selection is pretty limited right now.

Kitson, however, has a wonderful selection despite having multiple items on backorder.

What can I say, the girl’s got a hit on her hands.


Credit: ShopBop

Sandals GALORE

Posted in Fashion, Women by Jae on March 8, 2009

My shoe obsession continues!

The silhouette on this baby is so SLEEK. Love this shoe

guess-holda Guess Holda Shoe

And if that one sells out, I could just skip  over to Nine West. LMAO

nine-west-jamieNine West Jamie Shoe

More sandal picks after the jump…

BALMAIN – Fall 2009 RTW Collection

Posted in Fashion, Women by Jae on March 7, 2009

I was skimming through the Fall 2009 RTW shows and so far only BALMAIN has caught my attention.

I lved this collection.

For Fall, Christophe Decarnin delivered lots of studs, sequins, black (only my favourite things in the world) and LOTS of leg. Most of the models wore the same shoes as far as I can tell and they are soooooooo badass. Yes, I said that. Badass.

Most people choose dark colours for Fall and there has been no exception for all the Fall RTW collections I’ve seen so far. But only BALMAIN has managed to integrate different textures to keep it interesting.

It also helps that I’m totally into the whole glamour rocker chic look. =P

AND hello, love the makeup for this show. I’m kind of glad  that they didn’t use yet another smokey eye for Fall.

Love the bare-face look.



More BALMAIN Fall 2009 RTW after the jump…

Swarovski – Spring/Summer Collection: Super Nature

Posted in Fashion, Women by Jae on February 27, 2009

Today my friend Amy and I were relieving the stresses of the past week by taking a shopping trip. It was very exciting because half the time we talked about Amy’s upcoming trip to Disneyworld and we all know the anticipation (a.k.a. shopping for the trip) is half the fun. While we were at the mall, we managed to pass by the Swarovski store and to my surprise a gorgeous new collection caught my eye.


Are these not the cutest things you have ever seen? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them upclose since the only ones the Waterloo location had were the ones on display in the window. -____-

But check out these adorable charms!

Pear charm:


The pear charm above is definitely the cutest of the lot.

Radish charm:

radish-charm1Why a radish, I don’t know…

Strawberry charm:


This one is also super cute, but I feel like strawberry could’ve been even cuter.

Ice cream charm:


So adorable it even has a little waffle in the charm… mmmm I could used some green tea icecream right now.

Believe it or not this is a USB Memory Stick:


This entire collection reminds me of tokidoki minus the craziness and gaudiness.


Image Credits:

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NYFW – Marchesa Fall 2009 RTW

Posted in Fashion, Women by Jae on February 21, 2009

As many of you know, it is Fashion Week in New York. I can’t believe all the work I have in store for next week. I will only be posting my favourite collections if that.

I couldn’t quite grasp the theme of this collection; there were some very dark and rigid pieces and there were a few light airy pieces which I loved. Perhaps a fairytale theme of what the princess and the evil stepmom would’ve worn?


I feels as though this is what the modern Cinderella would’ve worn. Gorgeous silk, chiffon and bows galore!

More Marchesa after the jump…

Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Heritage Bracelet

Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on February 12, 2009

This bracelet accurately represents all the facial expressions I use during the course of one day.

Evil smile, pervert, panda eyes, thick glasses, crazy and four different expressions for dissatisfaction.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Heritage Bracelet
From left to right:  Nautical Miss Marc, 80S Miss Marc, Flight Attendant, Bikini Miss Marc, Russian Princess, ???, Generic Miss Marc (ouch), Princess Bride, ???

Whose your favourite Miss Marc?

P.S. I don’t know what they were thinking when they designed this, it looks like it one bracelet + 9 keychains. Even I have a limit for the flossy flossy.

Image: eLuxury


Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on February 11, 2009

…even though there is still snow on the ground in Canada.

But I was surfing on Revolve and ShopBop and had to post some of the shoes that I saw and loved. Last year we saw the emergence of the gladiator sandal and they only managed to grow on me towards the end of last season, so this summer, I’m finally going to invest in a nice pair like Candela’s studded pair:


CANDELA Jazz Studded Sandals in Navy Suede and Black Leather

This pair is more laid back and for everyday; really love the colour of the steel pair (pictured on the right) but hello! METALLIC is sooo beautiful:


Belle by Sigerson Morrison Gladiator Flat Thong Sandals in Brown and Steel

I’ve also discovered an affinity for T-strap sandals because they tend to elongate the leg and that’s always a plus for shorties like myself ^^ These are by L.A.M.B. who has some of the greatest shoes. So creative.


Left to Right: L.A.M.B. Tailynn Platform T Strap Sandal, L.A.M.B. Tab Sequin T Strap Sandal

These are more like modified T-strap gladiators and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE the BALMAIN pair by Giuseppe Zanotti. And the Pour La Victoire pair has such a soft touch with the braided leather. Side note: any brand which translates to FTW  is a winner in my books. =)


Left to Right: BALMAIN Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Swarovski Crystal Sandals, POUR LA VICTOIRE Pascale High Heel Huarche Sandal

These would be perfect for a summer vacation *dreamy sigh*


Left to Right: PEDRO GARCIA Silke Molded Last Gladiator Sandal, TORY BURCH Miller Thong Sandals

I love the ribbon/bandage heels , they’re so pretty. ♥____♥
This pair is by Giuseppe Zanotti.



There will never be enough black pumps. And I’ve finally found one with the perfect toe. Not too long and just enough pointy-ness.


Alec Graphic Pump

And no, I haven’t forgotten about booties. And my never-ending quest for the perfect pair. Here’s a cute grey (♥) pair:


TASHKENT BY CHEYENNE Distressed Florent Hidden Platform Bootie

Happy Hunting!

Images: Shopbop and Revolve

Truly Madly Deeply Winged Burnout Tank

Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on February 10, 2009

Yay or Nay?


Credits: UO

Anyone else notice that the model’s arms are a totally different colour from her back? o____O

P.S. Her legs are the size of my arms.

Balmain Studded Leather Jacket

Posted in Fashion, Shopping, Women by Jae on February 7, 2009

Some of you may know of my “studded” obsession.

I like studded pretty-much-everything. Studded belts, studded shoes, studded shirts.

I also like leather, leather leggings, leather jackets, leather handcuffs bracelets.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise for me to totally drool over a studded leather jacket.



Just WOW.

Joanna’s Thought Process: WOW, I think I’m drooling… Let’s purchase this sucker and get it shipped out ASAP to the boonies Waterloo… Hmm..

Step 1: Select quantity: 1 well I want 2, like one for messing around with and one as a backup when the first one gets dirty;

Step 2: Select size: 36 34 I wonder how life would be as a size zero… I imagine it would be different;

Step 3: Add to bag….

Step 4: Checking out….



€ 3276.00

Step 5: Form of Payment?

Joanna’s Thought Process: umm.. my life? If Luisaviaroma even wants that?

Sometimes I wonder how life would be like if I had boatloads of money or just a friend that runs designer sweatshops.

WAIT, I DO. Adrian, here’s your three step process: 1. Make some phone calls and fax some pictures.. 2. Pull some strings, 3. GET ON THIS NOW!

P.S. For those wondering, €3276.00 is equal to $4,234.09 USD and also equal to $5,165.59 CAD

Yea… you would need boatloads of money JUST for this…

Here is the link for those interested in making the purchase, keep in mind that I will be tracking your IP Address and hunting you lucky souls down to steal the jacket….

BALMAIN Studded Lapel Leather Jacket

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the purchasing of fake goods. Adrian does not run a sweatshop in China. =P