Jaejoong and EMU?!

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Laugh at me

Smite me and

Stone me.

But my feet will always be warm because of my beloved Uggs.

There are many brands of sheepskin boots out there but my preferred brand is Ugg Australia. Once made in New Zealand, these babies are now made in China. =/ The company has also been bought out by an American one. Of course. I don’t know how the quality has changed, but as far as I know the quality is not that different but it irks me nonetheless that the company is finding a way to increase profits by using Chinese labour. For all we know, there may be “fanban” of Uggs all over China.

There are some other brands out there but I have found that Ugg Australia consistently have softer boots. The other only boot I have found with equal quality are the sheepskin boots by SoftMoc. But I recommend checking them in the store since the quality of each batch varies tremendously.

One brand that I often see are EMUs and I can’t understand why they cost that much for such terrible quality so it brings me great disappointment to see these on none other than my beloved Youngwoong Jaejoong.


Cassies are going to send you a pair of UGGs next winter. I’m working on it. Cornflower baby?

Luckily my relationship with Jae is strong enough to overcome such differences.

This post sounds very brand-whore but it was meant for fun. -____-

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GOTD #3: A colour that needs no introduction…

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (and online shopping galore!)


GOTD #1: One for you…….. annnnd one for me

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No, that is not the sound of me Christmas shopping. I think it’s really hard to decide on gifts for the opposite sex so I’ve decided to do posts where I post a gift idea for a girl and then one for a boy and see whether the sexes agree with my selection. I’m pretty sure my girl ideas will be a dead ringer but I’m curious about the male selections.

Gift of the Day – Ladies:

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette LE:


I dont think this really needs an explanation. I don’t know anyone who would say ‘no’ to this. I would not give this as a gift to girls if you’re a guy… giving makeup to a girl is suggestive… in a bad way. Just throwing it out there.

Gift of the day – Gentlemen:

Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl

J. Press Silk/Wool Patchwork Scarf

J. Press Silk/Wool Patchwork Scarf

No, the gift is not Chuck Bass. It’s the infamous Chuck Bass scarf. The authentic version is made by J. Press and the scarf retails for $175 while all the other models are selling for much less. I can already see what the team over at J. Press did: Realizing the opportunity and money to-be-had, they mass produced a previously poor-selling scarf,  who could blame anyone, it was and still is made from leftover scraps of ties and jacked up the price. It’s pretty shameless, but that’s exactly what Chuck Bass is so go figure.  Anyway it is currently sold out. But fear not, if you’re really thinking about getting this for your S.O. it should be in stock on Dec. 10. Keep your fingers crossed.

Just for the girls, close the door…