[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Come to Play

Posted in Big Bang, Big Bang Eng Subbed, Big Bang Videos, Come To Play, K Variety Show, KPOP by Jae on January 4, 2009

Since most of the stars are having a little break after their Gayo perfs. I’ve started to go into withdrawal so I started to rewatch some videos. O___O

I haven’t posted this before, and since I’m on a Big Bang roll, I decided to post BB’s CTP appearance. I think I have mentioned this before but I LOVE LOVE LOVE JAESUK. He is so bloody funny and I really like Wonhee as well. SOOO PRETTY ♥____♥

Part 1 of 7:

Credits: BabyBongaholic

God, I love GD’s speaking voice. So freakin’ hilarious when Taeyang retells his story. GD looks like he’s having a spasm or something. Nomu kyo~~~~ ♥___♥

I love how the maknae is full  of unwarranted confidence like Junsu whom he fanboys! So funny when Jaesuk commented that Seungri wasn’t that good either at keeping secrets and Seungri completely turns it around and says: “I’m satisfied that I’m in 2nd place… really, full of happiness”. LMFAO

I have said before that Seungri is not my favourite member, I don’t know why, I just can’t take him seriously. Even  in his new sex-infused Strong Baby MV, I still feel awkward about that kind of body on a boy. It just feels weird? But I LOVE the G-RI couple and how Seungri totally fanboys his own leader XD

I’m kind of surprised that GD preferred the girl to lead since he’s the leader. As I recall Yunho said the same thing. Maybe it’s because that they have to lead all the time that they doesn’t want to in a relationship? Regardless, LOVE.

Ahh… Seungri you are so full of fails. “His packaging skills are even better than the stores” – Daesung. Seungri’s 5 reasons Big Bang can’t live without me. -____-;;;;;;;