[Eng Sub] Big Bang – Infinity Challenge’s Haru Haru Parody

LOL. Check out the original MV below if you haven’t already done so. ^^

Credits: coolsmurf

Myung Soo as GD


The funniest part is when Noh Ho Chul has to do Seungri’s part and he imitates Seungri’s fail-y voice EXACTLY the way he sounds in live performances of this song. Some of you may be confused, others angry that I have pointed this out, but whether you want to believe it or not, Seungri’s live is not as strong as the other members. Sometimes, it just sounds like his mic is off because his voice isn’t as loud as the others. Sorry if I’ve offended any Seungri fans out there, but he’s got a long way to go before being on the same playing field as Taeyang or Daesung.

Here is the original Haru Haru MV. Yea, it’s overly dramatic and clichéd like your typical Korean drama. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. Tragedy strikes. But watch it anyway if you haven’t otherwise, the parody isn’t going to make sense. And is Park Min Young the designated MV girl? I recently saw her in the new Gavy NJ MV with GD’s friend/Kim Min Hee’s boytoy. I needs me a fresh face please!

Credits: coolsmurf

Haru Haru isn’t a bad song. But I like to think of it as GEOJITMAL #2. Maybe I shouldn’t say that because GEOJITMAL is much better. Not to mention that the MV is killer:

Credits: khmerchick2010

I loved this GD fashion phase with the “apple” hair and the scarves. ♥___♥