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1. Hyunjoong talks about his best friends T.O.P. and Jaejoong on Sang Sang Plus

I think during the middle of last year, T.O.P. had revealed on CTP that he was very good friends with Uhm Jung Hwa, the main from ‘I Am Sam’ and Hyunjoong (SS501). Following that Hyunjoong performed with T.O.P. and mentioned that his best friends were T.O.P., Jaejoong and Yoochun. Many fantasies followed after I discovered that the four would eat kimchi and drink soju together.

And now Hyunjoong (shilong!!!) has revealed the differences between T.O.P. and Jaejoongie…. with respect to how they answer the phone… Kind of lame, but it’s actually funny… mostly because all three are so hot. I wonder what happened to Micky?

Here’s an unsubbed vid. For those of you who refuse to watch the unsubbed anythings, fear not, when the subs come out for this, I will be all over it. =)

I’m almost certain Jaejoong is saying “oh Hyunjoong ah?… you bastard.” I’m pretty good with picking up the korean swear words, but I could be wrong. =)

Check out the vid: I wish the video didn’t cut off so early, I think Hyunjoong goes on to do an impersonation of T.O.P.

2. JaeChunSu launch CreBeau Cosmetics.

I tried to prevent myself from posting this mostly because I’m confused as to what market they’re going for here. Actually that may not be entirely correct, I’m sure they have a market. But I’m still confused.

Either way here’s a freakin’ crazy’ fancam of their launch:

Credit: joongiefiedportia26

Can’t see anything? Me neither, I just wanted a video that could fully encapsulate the insanity that went down there. I’m pretty sure at 0:18 is a moan of frustration from Junsu. Wonder if it’s from all that unwanted butt groping. Correct me if I’m wrong Xiaholics.

Poor Junho’s there too…. pushing JaeChunSu’s luggage. Sigh.


3. How much do the overworked, undervacationed boys eat?

I’m a little sad to report the next piece of news. Have you ever wondered how much the boys eat? Well I haven’t, but someone has and there are pics for anyone whose crazy-obsessed inquisitive.

Credit: twilightprincess015

And in response to JJ’s response, yes you better be, I miss you already ;___;

I love how every fan and even the boys sometimes themselves depict Japan as this evil place that holds them captive for unknown lengthy periods of time for which the boys must say goodbye and apologize to their fans for.

4. New Tohoshinki album to drop in March 2009.

I have been anxiously waiting for this ever since their ‘T’ album. Knowing that their 24th Japanese single and 4th Japanese album are to be released tells me that the boys will be spending loads of time in Japan to promote it. =(

I find it slightly humourous that I like the boys in Korea more but prefer their Japanese music. My experience has been that this album will include all their Japanese singles. I like. ♥

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[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Sang Sang Plus 081223

Edit: BabyBongholic has fixed the typo.

Edit: Parts 6 and 7 of 7 have been added. Part 7 appears to have been accidentally labelled Part 6 by the uploader, as a result there are two part 6s on YT. But if you just follow below, you should be fine. =)


I’ve been waiting for this since that article about GD’s jealousy regarding Daesung was published. The subbing lords have spoken. ^^

Part 1 of 7:

First of all, I love T.O.P.’s hair right now LOVE.

And GD’s hat is sooooo cute, I recall him wearing the blue version at Gold Miss. ♥

I love how GD and Seungri are wearing matching pants. God, I want tartan everything now!

Part 2 of 7:

Part 3 of 7:

Part 4 of 7:

Part 5 of 7:

Part 6 of 7:

Part 7 of 7:


Credits: BabyBongholic – Translator: Anecia, Subber: Vicky

Caps by: LIFM

[Eng Sub] Gong Yoo and Kim Sun Ah on Sang Sang Plus 050301

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Yes. Yes, I’ll admit it, during Coffee Prince, I may have strayed… just a little to Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo isn’t very photogenic but he is an acquired taste as many people would agree. Do not even doubt for a second the hotness that is Han Kyul.


Here he is on Sang Sang Plus with Kim Sun Ah (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon); it is freakin’ hilarious. I hope the subber continues to sub the next ep. >___<

Part 1 of 5


Credits: yonnieyonnie

Music: JJ Lin – Cries in the Distance