[Eng Sub] DBSK on We Got Married

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I stopped following We Got Married months ago after JoongBo left the show. It just wasn’t the same anymore, and in all honesty, the new couples were so damn boring. *YAWN*

But as always, I’ll watch anything with DBSK. Check ’em out here with Hyungdon for Thailand’s SMTown Concert.

Remember to turn on CC for subs. ^^

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Love how Hyundon fangirls over DBSK. “OH, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Dong Bang Shin Ki!”  lol


JAEJOONG. BODY. *________*


LMFAO! Right after Yoochun shoots him a compliment, you can catch Hyungdon slip him money at 0:37.

Love how Junsu and Jaejoong jump aboard as soon as they realize money’s involved. XD

Hyungdon: AIGOO. *touched* *shoots members money*


DBSK! Come Back! WE MISS YOU LOTS! (;____;)



Quick KPOP News Bits

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Let’s start things off nice and finish with a bang.

“Yunho (DBSK), Seungri (Big Bang) and Yoobin (Wonder Girls) all attended the same elementary school.”

Wow with a star-studded alumni like this I’m surprised the school didn’t say so earlier. Kind of cool how three members of the biggest idol groups in KPOP came from the same school. This only leaves one Q, does Yoobin think she is the pride of Gwangju too? XD

This next piece of news is utterly disturbing.

“Taeyeon to join Hyung Don in We Got Married”

Quick Breakdown:


^ I imagine this is what she looked like when she found out.


Profession: main singer and leader of SNSD

Age: 19



Profession: lazy pig, sorry that was uncalled for, the pigs never did anything wrong and they make bacon mmm

Age: Who cares? Too frickin’ old.

Now aside from the obvious age difference, these people are totally not compatible. Hyungdon’s so freakin’ lazy and Taeyeon would probably want some control. Didn’t Taeyeon on Family Outing say she liked innocent guys? Interpret it however you want, I’m pretty sure she meant decent human being.

Why must we torture Taeyeon like this? Is it because she’s part of SNSD?!?! Stop the madness, no one should have to be with HyungDon.

I hope this is just “filler” until the WGM PD finds a suitable partner for JunJin, and WHAT MAY I ASK was wrong with pairing JunJin and Taeyeon!?!

Either way the netizens aren’t going to like Hyung Don; if he treats Taeyeon like crap then he’ll hear from Soshifans and if he treats her good then netizens will be like: Oh so you treated Saori like crap because she wasn’t as young or pretty as Taeyeon. Either way he’s in a fail fail situation.

Please put WGM to rest PDs, even I”VE stopped watching you and I watch EVERYTHING. If you’re reading this please free SON DAM BI. GOD, she deserves so much better. -___-

Of course I’d save the best for last:

“Heechul and Jungmo (TRAX) share kiss at Super Concert”

I first saw this as a thread a while ago but I didn’t think it’d be anything big, like I don’t know? A peck or something for fanservice. But I was wrong. So very wrong. HEECHUL REDEFINED FAN SERVICE.

The song he’s singing is entitled “Crazy”… so that might explain the antics and dramatics.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Action at 2:04.

Credit: gomdorii and yuri9doo


News Credits: soompi (sorry forgot the user because I closed the thread), StarNews and

Image Credits: Taeyeon Cyworld Fanclub, coolsmurf