The Enneagram – What type are you?

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Last night I came back from my last and favourite (not cause and effect) death and dying class.

This class has not lessened my anxiety over death per se, but it has certainly made me aware of the death experience.

Our last lecture dealt with death and the individual.

According to the Enneagram, all people can fall under 1 of 9 personality types.

Based on these personality types, your view of death can be predicted.

I was shocked to discover how accurately the enneagram determined my personality and view on death.

So here is what you do:


A. Get a pencil and a piece of paper

B. Rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 7. 7 being most applicable to you, and 1 being the least applicable to you. Keep the order of the statements the same on your sheet as it is indicated below! I.e. There are a total of 27 statements, do not number them 1-27, you should have three sets of 9 statements, each set numbered 1-9.

I feel motivated by the  need to…

1. Live life the right way, improve myself and others, and avoid anger

2. Be loved and appreciated, and to express my positive feelings toward others.

3. Be productive, to achieve success, and to avoid failure.

4. Understand my feelings and to be understood, to search for the meaning of life and to avoid being ordinary.

5. Know everything and understand the universe, to be self-sufficient and left alone, and to avoid not having the answer or looking foolish.

6. Feel secure and taken care of, or to confront my fears.

7. Be happy and plan fun things, to contribute to the world, and to avoid suffering and pain.

8. Be self-reliant and strong, to make an impact on the world, and to avoid being weak.

9. Keep the peace, merge with others, and avoid conflict.

I think that I…

1. See anger as a character flaw and try to repress it.

2. Am interested in people, play the role of nurturer, and try to present a loving image.

3. Try to be seen in a good light, according to socially agreed upon terms.

4. Have a strong need to express myself and be seen as original.

5. Rely on my own resources and find safety in knowledge and/or withdrawing.

6. Try to control my fear by being alert and either seeking approval from, or rebelling against, authority figures.

7. Am active and optimistic, and I avoid unpleasant emotions, including fear.

8. Am powerful and am not afraid to express my anger.

9. Am accommodating and often out of touch with my anger.

My worldview can be characterized as…

1. The world is an imperfect place. I work toward improvement

2. People depend on my help. I am needed.

3. The world values a champion. Avoid failures at all costs.

4. Something is missing. Others have it. I have been abandoned.

5. The world is invasive. I need privacy to think and to refuel my energies.

6. The world is a threatening place. Question authority.

7. The world is full of opportunity and options. I look foward to the future.

8. The world is an unjust place. I defend the innocent.

9. My efforts won’t matter. Don’t make waves. Keep the peace.

Part 2:

A. Add up all your scores for all your “1.” statements, and all your “2.” statements, and so on. You should end up with 9 totals.

B. Look at your top three scores, read over the corresponding sets of statements (i.e. If your highest score was for 5. statements then read over the 5. statements) and decide which set is “closest” or most reflective of yourself.

C. Write down the set you are. This is your type number.

Part 3:

How do you view death?

The Results after the jump…

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What the shape of your lipstick says about you?

Posted in Makeup, Pics, Random... by Jae on August 19, 2009

Came across this on a makeup blog and thought it might be interesting for some of you out there.


I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours in the comments below. =)

Lee Hyori Copies Homer Simpson

Posted in KPOP, Random..., Video by Jae on April 3, 2009


Credits: yeeunwonderful

ROFL. Is anything original anymore?

Source: allkpop

What I would be if I were a turtle…

Posted in Random... by Jae on March 21, 2009

So my friend Cheryl was recently doing some bio conservation work in the area of turtles. You can educate yourself here and hopefully support her cause.

While I was reading through her turtle posts…

Joanna: “Blanding’s turtles’ mouths are naturally curved upward, which is why these turtles look to be in a permanently good mood. ” – I have yet to find a turtle that matches my persona.

Cheryl: i have a turtle that matches your persona

It is a gift that keeps giving.

Sorry, I’ve been MIA

Posted in Haru Haru, Random..., Video by Jae on February 26, 2009

School has been absolutely monkeys this past week with all my midterms. This week has just felt like one very long day due to the lack of sleep, I’m sure a feeling we’re all aware of. Needless to say I was a real hot mess.

Earlier this week, I also checked out my exam schedule. Bitches be crazy. Two on April 21st, one on the 22nd and another one on the 23rd. Who makes these things?!

Also, it has been a long journey but I have finally found a place in Waterloo where I will say that the food is good. (That was some amazing Gamja Tang, and potatoes n______________n I had today…)  I went to Seoul Soul once during my first year and have not been back until now, turns out it’s true, what you were looking for was right where you left.

I’ll leave you guys with a commercial my prof showed in class today as we were talking about nicotine addiction.

Credit: r8edE

I will be back with a proper post tmr. ^^

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Protected: Dear Mr. Mailman

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Protected: 25 Random Things About Me

Posted in Random... by Jae on February 12, 2009

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Aries Spears on Conan O’Brien

Posted in Random..., Video by Jae on February 10, 2009




Credit: dazmondo69

Thanks Krishna for the tip.

“YEEEEEEEEEA… the white mon. *muah*”

epMotion is the shizzle

Posted in Random..., Video by Jae on January 26, 2009

EDIT: WOW. EPIC FAIL. Contraception –> Contraption

Anyone whose in Biology and has used an Eppendorf pipette can seriously relate.


Can’t describe this any way but


Lady, you better prop that pipette on a stand!

Shit could hit the fan if your instructor found out that the substance you were pipetting seeped into the barrel…

Eppendorf’s epMotion Commercial

Pipetting all those well-plates, baby, sends your thumbs into overdrive

And spending long nights in the lab makes it hard for your love to thrive

What you need is automation, girl, something easy as 1 2 3

So put down that pipette, honey, I got something that will set you free

And it’s called epMotion (whisper: ‘cause you deserve something really great)

Girl you need epMotion (whisper: yeah girl it’s time to automate)

It’s got to be epMotion (whisper: no more pipetting late at night)

Only for you epMotion (whisper: girl this time we got it right)

Cell Cultures
Less reagents
Faster workflow
Saves you money
Well, well, well

And it’s called epMotion (whisper: ‘cause you deserve something really great)

Girl you need epMotion (whisper: yeah girl it’s time to automate)

It’s got to be epMotion (whisper: no more pipetting late at night)

Only for you epMotion (whisper: girl this time we got it right)

I love how the lyrics from the website actually typed out what the guy whispered and wanted to let you know it was in a ‘whisper’.

Download the whole song here.

Now this is a true love story. If only DBSK sang this, with a little vibration this could be a hit amongst us nerds. ^^

As a UW student, this epMotion contraception contraption looks far too expensive for our budgets. Maybe WATSEF will invest in this sometime down the road.

Credits: eppendorfvideo


Posted in Random... by Jae on January 25, 2009

Edit: Found her.