Robert Pattinson in GQ Magazine April Issue

Posted in Twilight by Jae on March 18, 2009


R. Pattinson IS SMOKIN’ in this issue of GQ.


You’re going to need all the oxygen to spazz for the next ten minutes. ><

gq-rp-09“Interview with a vampire” – who write this stuff (=___=)

This has got to be one of my favourite photos of the shoot, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE:

gq-rp-02Dior Homme Shirt, Vest and Tie.

gq-rp-06Fruit of the Loom teeshirt not the kind of FotL I was hoping for though…

Does anyone else love his hair?! Dare I say it is comparable to his EC hair.. uh *dies*  ♥__________♥

gq-rp-07Leather jacket by Dior Homme. Shirt by Thom Browne New York. Tie by Top Gun.


Credits: ^^

Full Robert Pattinson GQ Gallery after the jump…


Only the greatest character of all time…

Posted in Twilight by Jae on March 9, 2009

So today my roommate and I were talking about great books that we’ve read in the past. So we got to talking about The Kiterunner and some other great books until she asked me if I had read anything new recently. And here is how it went down…

J: I uh, actually started reading a new book the other day…

R: Mmm?

J: Okay, don’t laugh okay?

R: Okay.

J: Seriously?

R: Don’t worry I won’t.

J: I started reading Twilight.

R: I’m not laughing. Did you enjoy it?

J: *BEAMS* Yes.

R: Okay, now I’m laughing.

This all went down over a bowl of spicy ramyun which had me spluttering and crying. Yes, I know, I am the coolest person you know. Well now, that my image has been ruined, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to mention that I ate my ramyun later over BOF. Which was soooo good this week.

And c’mon what kind of LIFM post would this be without some oogle-worthy pics?

Okay, let’s be realistic guys, WHO AM I TO DENY EDWARD CULLEN? I am only mortal.



God, love that hair! ><



And how could we forget about the voice?