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Fellow readers,

I’m sorry but I must go on hiatus from all KPOP updates from hence forth.

I simply cannot find the time right now to update this blog religiously. =(

However, I will continue to blog personal posts.

I have a feeling I will pick this up again when I head back to hell Waterloo.


A note from your unfaithful blogger

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Dear readers (if there are any left…),

It is madness in TO, I will work in this blog into my schedule again… somehow.

I’m too busy at work to update the blog and I spend about 4 hours of my day at home before going to bed.


P.S. For all those interested, Amy has informed me of a sale: 25% of all online merchandise and free shipping after $75!!! Don’t walk, RUN. I mean… type.

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[Eng Sub] YunJae on Bonita TV Aichi

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I love how that woman tried to use Yunho’s excuse to touch Jaejoong XD

Jae is sooo pretty even Uematsu-san said so!!

And I’ve always liked those boots on Jaejoong; he’s got the best personal style in group, IMHO. Although MHO may be slightly biased.

Credits: tvxqfever@blogspot


DBSK – Earblowing on Jaejoong and Yoochun – SOO CUTE!

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This is pretty random, but I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face. ^^

*DIES* at 0:17



O (>__________<) O

Credits: yuulinajaejae


Announcement: Hiatus

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As most of you might know it is crunch time for us academic slaves university students. I will be resuming my blogging duties promptly after the 24th of April. Good luck on all your exams! ^^

I mean I say ^^ but I’m really =____=

[Eng Sub] DBSK on Ontama

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All five parts up!!! ^^

Part 1:

Credits: yunnie206


More DBSK dorkiness after the jump…

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on PKL’s Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio 061127

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Gotta love Park Kyung Lim, all her radio shows are so funny. ^^

I know it’s exam time, but if you just need a quick hit of  crack boy band yumminess,

you have to watch Part 7 starting from the 1:00 mark when they start talking about unusual habits of each member



Part 1:

Credits: theREALiVIPSUBS

More Big Bang on PKL’s SSTP after the jump…

Ajoo looks like my cup of tea

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Note: “looks” is the key word here.


His music though… is questionable.

Is it just me or is his pose here totally Bryanboy?

Bloody effing hell, I go to his page to get the url to link him and there’s a fucking Gossip Girl spoiler on the main page. I knew I should’ve watched GG BEFORE posting. Damnit, freakin’ spoilers.

I can’t seem to place my finger on whose faces his is a combination of…

Jaejoong + TOP?

Jaejoong + Se7en?

Jaejoong + Hyori? lol

Anyway, here is his latest MV – Chaebol:

Note to Ajoo: don’t ever abuse auto-tune like this again, I will personally backhand you.

Credit: amyda1

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Happy Lunar New Year!

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I haven’t been updating recently because of all the work from school. I’m annoyed because there are several posts i wanted to make. I will be back next Thursday at the latest.

For those of you who are Chinese or Korean, wish you guys an awesome Lunar New Year. ^^

For those who aren’t, still Happy Lunar New Year. =D

Happy Birthday Junsu X)

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I feel pretty bad for not having posted this sooner. =(

Spazzes over at prettyboypower did an amazing post on the dolphin boy and I just wanted to put up my favourite clip:

This clip pretty much describes Junsu in like one minute. Poor guy thinks the crowd is totally into him that he busts out his fierce look.     -___-

Credit: ghkdrmaakck

Poor Junsu takes a ton of abuse, I think the group thinks of him as the maknae rather than Changmin who is more of the grandfather lol.

P.S. Happy bday to Junho too! =)