[Big Bang] G-Dragon – Heartbreaker MV

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He’s fierce. In a Lady GaGa kind of way.

Would I still go there?

You betcha.

There and back.

Credits: YGEnt


P.S. Does anyone know why GD chose an apple?


[Eng Sub] Big Bang on PKL’s Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio 061127

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Gotta love Park Kyung Lim, all her radio shows are so funny. ^^

I know it’s exam time, but if you just need a quick hit of  crack boy band yumminess,

you have to watch Part 7 starting from the 1:00 mark when they start talking about unusual habits of each member



Part 1:

Credits: theREALiVIPSUBS

More Big Bang on PKL’s SSTP after the jump…

Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop MV

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This is the latest commercial for the LG Cyon Phone.


The Big Bang sunbaes are giving their hoobaes – newcomers 2NE1 a hand in this commercial. With Big Bang on board, I’m sure tons of people with be checking out the newest property of YG Family.

For those of you who are not familiar with 2NE1, they are the much anticipated new female group from YG Ent. produced by G-Dragon.

Members include: Minji, CL, Park Bom and Sandara Park.

I have such high hopes for Minji (so cute).

Credit: BabyBongaholic

At first when I heard GD say: Nah, this isn’t how we do it. I immediately thought of another girl band that had an affinity for lollipops.

Now on to the MV, WTH is up with GD’s hair?! While in shock I penned this note:

Dear GD,

My (hot) friend, there is a fine line between genius and just plain weird. This is definitely in the latter category. I have always supported your creativity but you look like you have a mop for hair and a janitor with that pink jumpsuit. Ixnay. Ixnay. I will still love you, but still. Ixnay.

P.S. Tell Seungri to ease up on the eyeliner

Moving along, T.O.P. YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. SMOKKKKKKKKKKKIN’ HOT. Only TOP could look badass singing the words: Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop.

AND FOR ONCE, I actually liked the choreography, thank you, did we fire Seungri?


[Eng Sub] Big Bang – Infinity Challenge’s Haru Haru Parody

LOL. Check out the original MV below if you haven’t already done so. ^^

Credits: coolsmurf

Myung Soo as GD


The funniest part is when Noh Ho Chul has to do Seungri’s part and he imitates Seungri’s fail-y voice EXACTLY the way he sounds in live performances of this song. Some of you may be confused, others angry that I have pointed this out, but whether you want to believe it or not, Seungri’s live is not as strong as the other members. Sometimes, it just sounds like his mic is off because his voice isn’t as loud as the others. Sorry if I’ve offended any Seungri fans out there, but he’s got a long way to go before being on the same playing field as Taeyang or Daesung.

Here is the original Haru Haru MV. Yea, it’s overly dramatic and clichéd like your typical Korean drama. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. Tragedy strikes. But watch it anyway if you haven’t otherwise, the parody isn’t going to make sense. And is Park Min Young the designated MV girl? I recently saw her in the new Gavy NJ MV with GD’s friend/Kim Min Hee’s boytoy. I needs me a fresh face please!

Credits: coolsmurf

Haru Haru isn’t a bad song. But I like to think of it as GEOJITMAL #2. Maybe I shouldn’t say that because GEOJITMAL is much better. Not to mention that the MV is killer:

Credits: khmerchick2010

I loved this GD fashion phase with the “apple” hair and the scarves. ♥___♥

Big Bang – GD gets a purple nurple

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…from TOP.

GD is too skinny. Even by my standards. I recall Taeyang saying in an interview that no matter how much GD eats, he can’t gain any weight.


Taeyang always manages to keep his cool even in the most outrageous situations.


Credits: DCGD, BlogNaver, ellamy@bigbangchina, CHOITOPTHAILAND, allkpop

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Madame B Salon 080831

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Edit: All parts up!

Will update as parts are uploaded. I may not be writing as many comments as before to videos because of time contraints (school T___T) I will still be trying to update as usual though. =)

If you don’t have enough time to watch all parts. Check out Part 4. Boys dish their inner feelings about each other. Hilarity ensues.

Part 1 of 5:

Part 2 of 5:

Part 3 of 5:

Part 4 of 5:

Damnit, I could feel the tension in my room when I heard what GD asked TOP to do. I knew he wouldn’t though, TOP is super shy and doesn’t seem like the show off type. I think being a former chubster, he isn’t very confident about his body? But, I want to be honest right now and write this letter of encouragement:


Ab or flab.

You are fucking hot.

I do not lie.



I think that was a haiku? I heard haikus are supposed to have a diamond shape. That’s why I added ‘fucking’. Don’t make fun of my literary prowess I’m in science. Did anyone get my “Lie” reference?

So funny when they drew a picture of Seungri’s head with most of it filled with one big circle of Seungri. LOL
Reminds me of the picture of Homer’s brain. lol

Poor GD, looks like he’s going to have to make up to Seungri later. =(

Seungri looked really upset. KYA adds to it when she says nothing. GD looks so guilty behind the scenes.

Part 5 of 5:

LOL. At 6:42 T.O.P. forgets his lyrics and GD breaks down and starts to laugh. Beautiful people laughing together. Beautiful.

Watch to the very end. You get to see behind the scenes when GD yells at Seungri for making him look bad earlier. lol Looks like Seungri fans are going to be anti-GD fans overnight. XD


Credits: theREALiVIPSUBS

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Sang Sang Plus 081223

Edit: BabyBongholic has fixed the typo.

Edit: Parts 6 and 7 of 7 have been added. Part 7 appears to have been accidentally labelled Part 6 by the uploader, as a result there are two part 6s on YT. But if you just follow below, you should be fine. =)


I’ve been waiting for this since that article about GD’s jealousy regarding Daesung was published. The subbing lords have spoken. ^^

Part 1 of 7:

First of all, I love T.O.P.’s hair right now LOVE.

And GD’s hat is sooooo cute, I recall him wearing the blue version at Gold Miss. ♥

I love how GD and Seungri are wearing matching pants. God, I want tartan everything now!

Part 2 of 7:

Part 3 of 7:

Part 4 of 7:

Part 5 of 7:

Part 6 of 7:

Part 7 of 7:


Credits: BabyBongholic – Translator: Anecia, Subber: Vicky

Caps by: LIFM

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Gold Miss Post #2 081221

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Refer below for Big Bang on Gold Miss Post #1. =D




Part 1 of 3:

Yeh Ji Won dance was creepy in a way, I guess it’s never too old to be sexy? I love how she pulled out Seung Ri like three times. Cheryl can rest easy knowing there’s someone older out there with a thing for maknaes.

Part 2 of 3:

Bong Sun’s Honey rendition, just wow, TOP looked so shy. Oh God.

Part 3 of 3:

On to the rankings…

Jae Young’s wish was sooooooo mushy. OMG. She’s soooooooooooooo lucky. I would do so many indecent things to have been her at that moment. Taeyang’s voice is pureeee LOVE. SO DREAMY. I forgot to mention in my last post, but did anyone catch Taeyang’s belt? I believe it is the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur belt. SO SICK. OMFG OMFG. I can’t believe he granted her WISH. DIES OMFG.TAEYANG… IS SOOOOOOOOOO LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *___* ♥___♥ <— hearts, stars you name it. Bong Sun is sooooo jealous –> I say we take Jae Young DOWN. XD

OMFG OH MY FCUKING GOD. JUNG AH gets GD on her RIGHT and TOP on her LEFT. THAT IS MY DREAM, GET YOUR OWN. *cries* *hugs Bong Sun*

So glad, Ji Won ended up getting her wish with the maknae. *sigh* I’m still not over GD’s segment…


Credits: BigBangxVIP

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Gold Miss Post #1 081214

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Omg, saw this over at NewYorkSeoulTokyo and to my surprise I have not previously watched this. OMG GD –> SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. *DIES*


Part 1 of 3:

WOW. The noonas totally SPAZZED. So freakin’ hilarious. Looks like they’re huge Big Bang fans. OMFG GD behind the scenes before they were introduced –> SOOOOO CUTE! *DIES DIES DEAD*

LMFAO when Bong Sun starts to cry when she says: TOP says he’s MY fan, TOP…!

Part 2 of 3:

I was surprised with how well Jung Ah did with Son Dam Bi’s Crazy (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, I think earlier last term, I listened to this song for 2 weeks straight.)

OMFG OMFG OMFG When Eun Hee came out with Uhm Jung Hwa’s outfit from D.I.S.C.O. feat. T.O.P. I nearly died. Holy shit, did you guys catch TOP’s face when she winked and licked her lips at him. I think the rest of the boys were tormented with the performance. P.S. for those of you who haven’t watch the real MV with TOP, DO IT, DO IT NOW, TOP WAS SMOKIN’ SMOKIN’ SMOKIN’ X345973298475207 HOT in that.

Part 3 of 3:

AHhhHhhHHh~~ Taeyang’s dance wow… just wow… God if I could do just 10 seconds of what his body could do, life would be different… so different. Sorry to say this but Taeyang put Jae Young to shame. Oh god even Jae Young started to spazz at 3:09. *DIES* God Taeyang’s dancing is PURE SEX.

Seungri’s face at 4:58. Looks so….. perverted? Like he’s in a daze or something.

There are two parts to this ep. I will post the other one as soon as I watch it. ^^


Credits: 5646868

Music: SNSD – Gee

[Eng Sub] Big Bang on Boom’s FunFun Radio 080107

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Part 1 of 9:

Credits: theREALiVIPSUBS

Amy: NOTE THE HUGE SUBS. Just for you baby, just for you.

This video is what made me love them in the first place. My favourite segment of the show is the part where they call up a random fan and pretend to be their BF for the length of the conversation. WOW. GD IS >___<. I was dying. DYING. I also love GD’s hoodie, so cute, it reminds me of the Kenneth Jay Lane cuff a while back.

I dying during Daesung’s too. Note these are two different kinds of ‘dying’ so I suggest you check this out to know what I mean.


P.S. I made a huge BB post back in Sept. for my dear friends who are new to KPOP and I think it needs some editing but I’ll probably get it up soontime. =)

P.P.S. Yes Philip, I am watching Choon-Hyang but I’m going to be honest, the going is slow right now. The acting is really stiff, I really hope it improves.

P.P.P.S. Is this even allowed? Anyway, I just wanted to say, yes, I miss Jaejoongie too. I wish that the only news I’ve gotten about him wasn’t that pic with his co-actor in that messenger flick. JAElousy strikes. Yea, yea, jwesonghamnida.