2PM – NichKhun on MNET Scandal 090520

Posted in 2PM, 2PM Eng Subbed, 2PM Videos by Jae on August 9, 2009

HOLY CRAP. I KNOW. It’s been months since I’ve posted.

But I really think this deserved a post.

Nichkhun is the cutest thing ever. I think he has given Jaebeom a run for his money.

Actually, I think Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Taec are all number one now… decisions. Also Junsu… is climbing FAST.

P.S. Nichkhun isn’t the only cutie she’s dated… #*$&@^%*&^*&%^only the other cutest guy in biz@#$%^

Episode #1

Part 1:

Ep 1 & 2 after the jump…

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